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Broke, Blooming and Bringing Back the Biff

Broke, Blooming and Bringing Back the Biff
Sanchez no ken mekim nois blong Kumul

Sanchez no ken mekim nois blong Kumul

‘Better red than dead’ was the saying in the 1940s when red stood for a socialist dictatorship of the proletariat and consequent violent regime change.

Locally, the revolution over recent weeks has been the Queensland Reds overthrow of the natural order of things. The Super 14 working class heroes against the capitalist ‘running dogs’, or maybe the Tahs and Blues.

Not quite yet the New Deal but the beginning of a winning culture that will help them retain their players from the clasp of the bolshie Vic’s.

This week, the Reds defeated the Chiefs in an upset of October Revolution proportions but finally admitted what everybody already knew; they’re in the financial shite.

Capitalism might be the system of choice but only if the numbers stack up. Amongst other disasters Suncorp v Ballymore doesn’t, by the look of it.

Reportedly, a full house at Ballymore requires at least another 10,000 or so punters at Suncorp to make the same sort of dosh, but that hasn’t been happening.

The QRU has been in decline for many a year due to poor management, poor recruitment and cumulative losses. Just like General Motors the Reds are now in ‘temporary’ administration.

There is no Clive Palmer to bankroll this mob, only John O’Neill to provide some funding and a business plan to get them out of their hole.

The ARU have done it all before and I guess will do it again but I’d imagine there’ll be a bit of pain attached.

We all know the way out: become competitive, start winning matches and deliver a professional product facilitated by competent management. Easy, isn’t it?

Without getting ahead of ourselves a glimmer of hope has emerged through the darkness in, of all places, Hamilton.

A comeback performance against an overconfident and jaded Waikato Chiefs has ignited their season as proof that the Crusaders victory wasn’t just a fluke.

In fact, they’ve been competitive in all four Super 14 matches they’ve played this year and with a bit of luck could have had four wins.

The style of rugby they’ve adopted has also been a winner and unlikely to bring a chorus of boos like you’re hearing from their southern counterparts.

Led by gun halfback Will Genia….”NO” Ian (the elderly boy) Jones, he isn’t 105kgs….which orifice did you pluck that from Kamo?

Genia, like his predecessor Big Kev Horwill is from that hotbed of junior rugby development – Brisbane Boys College and is the new sensation in Australian rugby.

Lauded by commentators across the planet ‘Sanchez’ is the form halfback of the Super 14 and leads by doing, not saying. He’s the antithesis of the Prime Minister: all action and no talk!

This side has pluck and a youthful bloom amongst a few hardheads like Van the Man, whose articulacy knows no bounds.

Having Daniel Braid in the pack is a bonus with his experience, enthusiasm and leadership a force multiplier.

Berrick Barnes must be spewing that he’s backed the wrong horse; however, judging by his form and the amount of time he actually spends on the park these days it’s probably not as big a loss as first thought. He’s been more than adequately replaced by Faingaa the Younger.

In the midst of this maelstrom, the QRU has issued an edict to all and sundry changing the send-off rules for punching offences in the Brisbane senior competition.  They’ve reduced the penalty from a red card to a yellow.

What a great move. Bringing back the biff will bring tears of joy to old stagers like Knuckles and co.

Why should a game be destroyed by a couple of punches thrown in the heat of the moment?  Next thing you know they’ll be rucking again….

At their most difficult time, the QRU have been kicking a few goals over recent times with the appointment of some progressive management, a coach for the times and the odd Ballymore game.

With a potential turnaround in team fortunes on the horizon it may not be so dark after all.

With the single minded Link in charge, this lady’s not for turning!

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