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    NSW Schools Debating 2021

    Admin note - one of the posters in the debating threads was falsely using the name of a recent schoolboy debater. We've removed their posts and replaced any quotes with [snip].
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    G&GR Broken?

    also I forgot my password
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    G&GR Broken?

    a short history... CDN provider turned off their shit about when this thread started. I updated the theme at the time but missed some overrides in the xenforo config file so avatars, images and some javascript stopped working. Last Sunday I tried to upgrade xenforo to v2. To do this I had to...
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    G&GR Broken?

    tapatalk may be working now...
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    G&GR Broken?

    Time for an update
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    Forum Migration - Questions and Comments

    Getting close... just working on the redirects. Reckon the colour theme still needs some work too... Moses.
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    Upgrades at G&GR

    Sorted, serves me right for trying to be tricky! The plan was for it to seamlessly work on the dev domain, and it does in every browser I've tested, but clearly not for you so I've fully qualified the URL now.