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  1. John S

    Ashes 2021-22

    I'm with you on Inglis. From what I've seen he'll go ok in the team with the gloves, and he's not totally hopeless with the bat.
  2. John S

    Ashes 2021-22

    CA is rightly copping flack, not for sacking him, but not standing by Paine, and their previous decision/finding. I agree that if it came out at the time, that Cricket Tas and CA had investigated it and made the findings public, this would now be a non-event. From what I've read, I believe...
  3. John S

    Ashes 2021-22

    I think there is plenty of experience in the team to assist Cummins, even if it's still not au fait, Steve Smith is there and he can provide advice where required.
  4. John S

    Refereeing decisions

    That's all well and good, but there needs to be consistency in the application. Nigel Owens commented on the weekend the the Welsh replacement prop was luck to get away with a yellow, and questioned how an accidental head knock was a red card, and how the deliberate swinging arm (off the ball)...
  5. John S

    Refereeing decisions

    This. I would change it to be TMO used in checking a Try Scoring action, and if the on-field referees see potential foul play and they want to check it.
  6. John S

    Refereeing decisions

    Yeah, it does seem like hitting him with a wet lettuce leaf, given what Nic Berry and his family have been through, and what he did - you can't argue that there was no forethought or intent in what he did. Surely all Refs deserve better.
  7. John S

    Wales v Australia, Sunday 21st 4.30 am ADST.

    Who would you have as the backrow options then given those variables?
  8. John S

    Refereeing decisions

    What's the go with Peyper on this? Maybe I missed something?
  9. John S

    Waratahs 2022

    Already got my membership sorted. Pre-season match in Bowral is close enough for me to head up too.
  10. John S

    England v Australia - Twickenham, 14 Nov, 4:30am AEDT

    Unless either publication has an accurate source on the inside, seems like they're just making a 50/50 bet on the outcome.
  11. John S

    Wallabies v Japan, Oita - 23 October, 3:45pm AEDT

    Maybe not our best line up, but given who's available quite probably not our worst I've seen
  12. John S

    Aussie Player Exodus

    https://www.smh.com.au/sport/rugby-union/the-sydney-junior-set-to-play-for-eddie-s-england-against-wallabies-20211019-p591al.html Looks like he's just been selected in their 45 man squad.
  13. John S

    John I Dent Cup 2022

    You're not wrong. That line of thinking also has my head scratching (and that's coming as an Emus long distance supporter - grew up in the area). Not sure why the club doesn't want to do subbies.
  14. John S

    John I Dent Cup 2022

    Thanks for moving this - wasn't sure If I am special enough to start new threads :) (Especially a Canberra thread as I'm in NSW lol)
  15. John S

    Shute Shield 2022

    Going to be a looooong trip home if you've been pumped across all grades Being realistic here, I've been an Emu's supporter since I started following Rugby years ago, and they're pretty much my home team from SS. I can see why they got dropped a few years ago, was quite happy to see them back...