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  1. Lindommer

    NSW AAGPS 2022

    Anybody got yesterday's scores?
  2. Lindommer

    Australia v England Test 1 Sat. July 2 @1955

    Yer right there, KP. I reckon league's an endless sequence of biff/bash/barge/pass/run/kick. If a coach mixes up his Bs and goes bash/barge/biff, or kicks after four tackles, he's considered a genius. There was a post-season review by the league bosses some fiveish years ago when it was...
  3. Lindommer

    GAGR Wallaby POTY v England (1st test)

    3 Porecki 2 Neville 1 Lolesio HMs to the rest of the team.
  4. Lindommer

    NSW AAGPS 2022

    Poor bastard, WTF did he do to deserve that path in life?
  5. Lindommer

    Force 2023

    Chatted with Scott in Canberra a coupla weeks ago (Scott and 7As (Allan Ala'alatoa) both played juniors with my son from under 9s), he told me then he was looking at Europe or the UK. Delighted to read he's looking at staying in Oz.
  6. Lindommer

    Australia v England Test 1 Sat. July 2 @1955

    WTF do Brits number their teams 15to9 followed by 1to8 then 16to23? Weird. I'm thinking seriously of starting a 1to23 movement so's we know who's playing where.
  7. Lindommer

    Reds 2023

    At times, but only sometimes, you make a lot of sense, D.
  8. Lindommer

    NSW AAGPS 2022

    ....and what's wrong with that?
  9. Lindommer

    Waratahs 2023

    One dud no one seems to remember: Pat O'Connor, Kiwi lock dragged over the ditch about 1999. Completely anonymous.
  10. Lindommer

    Waratahs 2023

    Even Vickerman wasn't a Tahs developed lock. Sigh.........
  11. Lindommer

    Wallabies 2022 (towards 2023)

    I'd opine it was a change of scenery/family responsibility/whatever rather than a change of jumper numbers leading to the new, improved Jed. Holloway returned from os last year a much more mature person, and player.
  12. Lindommer

    NSW AAGPS 2022

    Never. Idols for the junior boys but no official, or unofficial, ranks.
  13. Lindommer

    CAS Rugby 2022

    There's a precedent for such a path in the juniors/schools competition in Canberra. With so few independent schools and enough junior clubs sanity prevailed many years ago and a "merged" comp developed. There's another precedent for a competition like this in Sydney junior cricket: a number of...
  14. Lindommer

    Rugby News from unexpected places

    sw, stick it in Obituaries.
  15. Lindommer

    ISA 2022

    This Saturday? Presumably the main game will be earlier than 3:15 to allow the Joeboys to get over to Northbridge to support the Firsts.