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    Sevens 2021/22 (World Series, Oceania, Comm Games & R7WC)

    Be nice if Rugby AU could do these with AU timings
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    Broadcast options for Australian Rugby

    My thought was about trying to ensure that you don't start Super Rugby until Club Rugby has finished, allowing contracted players to complete a full season of Club Rugby commitments if they've not been selected for the Wallabies.
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    Broadcast options for Australian Rugby

    Feb-Aug: players are either with wallabies or playing club rugby (still have inbound tests in July) Aug-Nov: Super Rugby...
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    Broadcast options for Australian Rugby

    This model did not work well in NSW during the NRC...
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    Wallabies 2022 (towards 2023)

    I don't see the value in selecting Simone here. I'm sure that if he was fit, somebody like Flook would have been in the mix, but regardless we have enough cover across 12 & 13 with Paisami, Ikitau, Foketi, Petaia & Hodge, and even Quade or Noah at 12 in a genuine bind. I assume the Kellaway...
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    Broadcast options for Australian Rugby

    Bob's your father's brother. Two rounds of Super Rugby AU (10 fixtures) into Champions League. For sake of argument, Drua stay with us - our top 4 and their top 2 into a 'Premiership' which plays 5 fixtures (everybody once) and then top 3 play a SF, and a Final. Our bottom 2 and their 3rd and...
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    Broadcast options for Australian Rugby

    I don't think it is really commercially viable to increase the number of Australian teams. If we were to go without NZ, I'd be focusing on the relationship with Japan.
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    Shute Shield 2022

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    Ireland NZ Tour 2022

    The press in NZ are off Foster. If there is anything dodgy about it, they would have uncovered it by now or at least have written about it. I rate him highly too, but I think perhaps the media don't think it is a big story
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    Broadcast options for Australian Rugby

    They've done very well!
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    Cheating Saffa Bastard World Champions vs Ye Olde Alun Wyn Jones Singalong Club Tour Thread

    I've also read that a lot of it was to show the Saffa public who is and who isn't up to it - and also to give a few players a chance to rule themselves out of contention, if that makes sense.
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    Force 2023

    1. Edmed 2. Donaldson 3. Harrison
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    Wallabies 2022 (towards 2023)

    Let's not try and run before we walk. Great to have Aus A playing three tests this year
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    RWC 2023 Qualifying & Miscellany

    Read a good intrerview with Collins Injera who is playing XVs for Kenya as they try and qualify - hope they get there https://www.bbc.com/sport/africa/61909799
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    Australian Rugby / Rugby Australia

    Who sells the Lions tour rights - just Rugby Australia? I think Fox can sit back and bid for RWCs as 7s will be separate to Rugby anyway. Fox will undoubtedly go hard for 2023 RWC, if not to grab them then to push up the price for Stan/9 at least. And when it comes to 2027, expect to see Ch.7 and 10/CBS...