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    Reds 2022

    Historically two different events. The gala at the end of the year is when they have done farewells etc. This one is as more the celebrate former players.
  2. RugbyReg

    Moana Pasifika v Brumbies

    Ryan Longergan - hell of a barista
  3. RugbyReg

    Reds 2022

    Wow you get all that from a tweet! Amazing. We have one game left in the season. What else did you want him to do with the Reds?
  4. RugbyReg

    Reds 2022

    He’s not dead. And the seasons not over. Why acknowledge his departure when the seasons not over and he hasn’t departed?
  5. RugbyReg

    Australia A - Back on the Cards

    they are yet to qualify I believe
  6. RugbyReg

    Waratahs 2022

    yep. ridiculous. I hope Andy and Hamish make this priority #1.
  7. RugbyReg

    Qld Premier Rugby 2022

    injured apparently. The GPS v Wests game stands to be a cracker. Across multiple grades
  8. RugbyReg

    Qld Premier Rugby 2022

    ahh, but not a RWC 91 player which I think was Wilson's observation.
  9. RugbyReg

    Qld Premier Rugby 2022

    who's kid is Percival?
  10. RugbyReg

    Wallabies 2022 (towards 2023)

    Consecutively? Thought he went home a few times?
  11. RugbyReg

    NSW Waratahs vs Blues, Sat May 28th 2022

    Could do with an extra backrower or two.
  12. RugbyReg

    CruSadists v Reds 27/05/22 at A.R.S.E.

    yep, its only been Flook and Paisami so far
  13. RugbyReg

    Australia A - Back on the Cards

    better off spending the money on the Wallaroos to compensate their time this year in the lead up to the RWC
  14. RugbyReg

    Refereeing decisions

    yep - and he now does a hell of a lot of front row coaching with your players
  15. RugbyReg

    Aussie Player Exodus

    Ahhh he’s playing for Tonga. Stand down.