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  1. swingpass

    Rebels 2022

    he is still on the website in the team photos, so perhaps still there.
  2. swingpass

    Refereeing decisions

    exactly this, "we did all we could", its mitigating the legal impact, any reduction in longterm head injury is a bonus (a very, very important one). i can see the rationale behind the head clash = red card stance, but the variable interpretation is what really irks me, and obviously many others...
  3. swingpass

    Rebels 2022

    Only 32 so perhaps 3 to come or is that “the number” this year
  4. swingpass

    Northern Tours 2021 - NZ, SA, etc

    Perhaps because to beat them the opposition have to play exceptional rugby
  5. swingpass

    Northern Tours 2021 - NZ, SA, etc

    Terrible refereeing by Barnes - very inconsistent with when the ball is out
  6. swingpass

    Wallabies 2021

    yeah but even Dan Carter wasn't Dan Carter on some days !
  7. swingpass

    Where to for Super Rugby?

    Just ask “the kings”
  8. swingpass

    Rebels 2022

    To clarify another who has gone or not, noticed Bobby Tuttle in the latest vid from Rebels. Which i think is good.
  9. swingpass

    Rebels 2022

    I did say may surprise. I agree that it is a worry, we shall see
  10. swingpass

    Rebels 2022

    backline may surprise, provided all stay fit, Powell and Sorovi are very serviceable, Gordon at 10, To'omua, then Ili (has being playing well in NPC), or Magnay (may eventually live up to expectation), Kellaway and Anderson, Hodge at FB. back ups are a little light but perhaps someone will step...
  11. swingpass

    Rebels 2022

    for those still wondering, from the Rebs facebook page both Gordons training, Eloff also, so a three fewer doubtfuls from page 1 of the thread
  12. swingpass

    Scotland vs Australia - Murrayfield, 8 Nov 1:15AM AEDT

    I don’t believe any of the European based players will be picked for Scotland. so no Latu or Arnold
  13. swingpass

    Rebels 2022

    good for him, personally thought he was badly handled at the Rebels, not enough patience shown with him.
  14. swingpass

    Wallabies v Japan, Oita - 23 October, 3:45pm AEDT

    however, if a torn pec, then thats months