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    NSW AAGPS 2021

    GPS Rep Teams Microsoft Word - AAGPS Representative Teams Final.docx
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    NSW AAGPS 2021

    Microsoft Word - RESULTS TRIAL 1 24 APRIL.docx (aagps.nsw.edu.au)
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    NSW AAGPS 2020

    Hi Beef, the video quality isn't that great (being 1981) but around 16:40min is the moment you are referring to
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    RD 14: QLD v NSW (The Stink Part II) - Lang Park 18/5 7.45

    Latu news https://www.foxsports.com.au/rugby/slumped-behind-the-wheel-wallaby-charged-with-drink-driving/news-story/2280517178a28c346bdb0c6209485e4d
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    Reds 2019

    I think the Reds are best backing their stocks on Hegarty, Stewart and Lucas. However if they lose Kerevi on top of Paia'aua, they will definitely be on the market for another inside centre for 2020. It is behind a paywall so I cannot read the full article but it seems to suggest the Reds...
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    NSW AAGPS 2018

    Looks like Riverview was live streaming the 1st and 2nd's games??? 1st XV teams start running onto the field at the 1:25:35 mark
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    NSW AAGPS 2018

    I note from the match reports that there were some impressive performances from the GPS 2 players, particularly in the backs. Will be interesting to see if selectors make any changes to the GPS teams for the games on Friday. GPS Teams for this Friday...
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    Aussie Player Exodus

    Horwitz leaving Oz http://www.the42.ie/david-horwitz-connacht-rebels-3920482-Mar2018/
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    Aussie Player Exodus

    Andrew Deegan off to Ireland http://www.rugby.com.au/news/2017/07/29/23/06/one-percenters-july-30