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  1. Wilson

    Wallabies 2021

    It can also be a chance to rehab some injuries that don't prevent a player from playing but need time off or minor surgery to heal properly.
  2. Wilson

    Scotland vs Australia - Murrayfield, 8 Nov 1:15AM AEDT

    This does support the idea will see Paia'aua, but if he is picked as the back up 10 I think we're more likely to see Daugunu with him on the bench.
  3. Wilson

    Broadcast options for Australian Rugby

    I think I'll get up and throw England v SA on, have a coffee and get to work on a proper Sunday morning breakfast, with the idea of having the breakfast ready to go for the Wales v Australia game. That should keep me distracted enough to get through the first game without ending up anywhere...
  4. Wilson

    Wallabies 2021

    Would love to see Hegarty get a call up as a 10/15 option
  5. Wilson

    Australian Bid for 2027 World Cup

    It shapes as a real test to see if world rugby has moved forward at all from the debacle that was the last bidding process and the failed league of nations.
  6. Wilson

    Wallabies 2021

    Pretty good break down of some of his defensive issues this year here: https://www.theroar.com.au/2021/06/23/is-it-time-to-show-the-winless-waratahs-some-love/ He's not played a game since then so it's hard to see how he would've improved since then, particularly if he has to play out of position.
  7. Wilson

    Reds 2022

    Yeah I follow him, a bit of stuff at Reds HQ in early September with a remedial therapist and a generic post of a few shots of him in Reds gear from late September but not much else of note. I haven't really been paying attention to his stories though. It maybe that he's having his fitness...
  8. Wilson

    Fijian Drua 2022

    More signings for the Drua: Good to see Teti Tela get a contract, he should be a good experienced influence around the squad, particularly in helping them settle into SEQ for 2022.
  9. Wilson

    Wallabies 2021

    Hard disagree on that. His decision making was very ordinary and he has a bad habit of skirting the wrong side of legal in his tackles. Don't get me wrong, I like him and think he has something to offer the Wallabies, but his defence is his biggest weakness right now and a big step down from...
  10. Wilson

    Wallabies 2021

    Lots of talk of calling in potential fullback replacements for Hodge, but I wonder if a 3rd string flyhalf is going to be more pressing? Kellaway, Petaia, Wright, Daugunu and O'Connor all offer some degree of cover at 15 but we really only have the have Cooper and O'Connor to cover fly half now...
  11. Wilson

    League of Nations or EOYT?

    They are, but are often seen as southern hemisphere, partially because of timezones but mostly because their club season lines up better with Super then it does with France/England.
  12. Wilson

    The Moana Pasifika Franchise

    San Diego Legion have just announced Ma'a Nonu has stuck with them for another year, so no chance he'll be coming to Moana Pasifika:
  13. Wilson

    GAGR Wallaby POTY 3-2-1s v JAP

    3 Valetini 2 Tupou 1 Petaia HM: Ikitau Weird game, quite a few players playing better as individuals than in the context of the team
  14. Wilson

    Wallabies v Japan, Oita - 23 October, 3:45pm AEDT

    Yeah, I think this game really highlighted the importance of Kerevi and Koribete to our current attacking structure. I have a feeling we'll see the depth chart start to look like 12 Kerevei/Perese 13 Ikitau/Paisami over the next year. It probably also improves Petaia and in particular Vunivalu's...
  15. Wilson

    Wallabies v Japan, Oita - 23 October, 3:45pm AEDT

    Sometime this afternoon, haven't seen anything that names a specific time though