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  1. Dismal Pillock

    Rugby Tests With No Matchday Thread

    Nations: Japan vs Uruguay Venue: Tokyo, Japan Date: Saturday, June 18, 2022 3pm kick-off Japan time Japan with their 3 locals in the front row and 12 mercenary ring-in gaijin on fuck-knows what visas behind them will run riot over Uruguay today. They almost tipped over Ireland last year ffs...
  2. Dismal Pillock

    Blues vs Brumbies SF, June 11 2022

    Date: SATURDAY 11 JUNE 2022 KO: 19:05 NZT Venue: Eden Park Official Blues Matchday Team GIF: Official Brumbies Matchday Team GIF:
  3. Dismal Pillock

    Blues vs Highlanders, Super Rugby QF, Sat June 4th 2022

    Date: SATURDAY 4 JUNE 2022 Venue: Eden Park Kickoff: 7:05 NZT. Official Blues Team Matchday GIF: Official Highlanders Team Matchday GIF:
  4. Dismal Pillock

    NSW Waratahs vs Blues, Sat May 28th 2022

    NSW Waratahs vs Blues, Sat May 28th Blues to send out the Development XV vs NSFW in Sydney while the bulk of the 1st's get ready at Eden Park for 1/8 final vs the stupid terrifying Highlanders 1 Jordan LAY 2 VIKENA 3 Marcel RENATA 4 Tucker 5 Sam DARRY 6 SUAFOA 7 CHOAT 8 SEGNER 9 Sam NOCK 10...
  5. Dismal Pillock

    Brumbies vs Blues, Sat May 21, 2022, Canberra

    Date: SATURDAY 21 MAY 2022 Venue: GIO Stadium, Canberra Top of the table clash. Official Brumbies Team Matchday GIF: Official Blues Team Matchday GIF Gallery:
  6. Dismal Pillock

    Alltime Ranga XV

    Let's get to the bottom of this. Current thoughts; 1 Steven Kitschoff 2 3 4 5 Tom Robinson 6 Brad Wilkin 7 8 9 Finlay Christie 10 11 Andrew Kellaway 12 13 14 15 Bench Jamie Booth
  7. Dismal Pillock

    Blues vs Reds, Sat 14 May, 2022. Eden Park.

    Blues vs Queensland Reds Date: SATURDAY 14 MAY 2022 Time: 19:05 Venue: Eden Park Auckland Blues Official Team Matchday Graph: Queensland Reds Official Matchday Supporters Jersey:
  8. Dismal Pillock

    Force vs Cantabs, Sat May 7 2022

    Super Rugby Pacific: Force vs Crusaders Where: HBF Park, Perth When: Saturday, NZT9.45pm Force could be looking at the mother of all backlashes here from the enraged Cantabs...
  9. Dismal Pillock

    Waratahs vs Cantabs. Saturday, April 30, 2022

    Date: Saturday, April 30, 2022 Venue: Leichhardt Oval
  10. Dismal Pillock

    Rebels vs Cantabs. Sun, Apr 24 2022

    Date: Sun, Apr 24 2022 Melbourne Rebels Player to watch: Scott Higginbotham. Cantabs Players To Watch: George Bridge and Braydon Ennor:
  11. Dismal Pillock

    Waratahs vs Chiefs. Fri April 22, 2022

    Date: Friday 22nd April 2022 Tahs Official Team Matchday GIF: Chiefs Official Team Matchday GIF:
  12. Dismal Pillock

    Super Rugby Rnd 2: Waratahs v Reds AKA The 2022 Festival of Hate.

    Date: Friday 25th February Venue: Leichardt Oval, Sydney The Teams:
  13. Dismal Pillock

    Alltime GAGR Slack Members XV

    You end up on this list you have messed up bigtime. Inclusion here demonstrates you have noticeably **FAILED** to log in and post often enough to satisfy The Selection Committee. The only ways to get your name OFF this most shameful of lists are the following: * login and post enough to...
  14. Dismal Pillock

    The Tennis

    The Anisimova seppo spunk not only had the ground stroke power to get rid of functioning simpleton Naomi Osaka but she also looks to have a cracking set of bazongas strapped away down there. Osaka looked fat immobile and couldnt do shit about drop shots etc I'd wager that Italian fella...
  15. Dismal Pillock

    TRC2021 - All Blacks v Springboks, Oct 2, 2021

    Where: Gold Coast, Straya When: Sat Oct 2nd, 8pm kick-off ffs South Africa Matchday Team GIF: New Zealand Matchday Team GIF: AB's need to get the breakdown balance right. So many options. - becoming difficult to drop Blackadder. - Fozzie_Company_Man4Life + Ardie being captain =...
  16. Dismal Pillock

    Super Rugby 2022

    The Road to 2022 Super Rugby Glory goes through Eden Park. That much is inarguable. The Reigning Super Rugby World Champion Auckland Blues would like to welcome the other participants in the 2022 competition. We look forward to your brave, plucky teams playing bit-part cameo roles as...
  17. Dismal Pillock

    Technology, The Future, And You.

    Totally at risk of getting left behind here. No smartphone. No clue. No real inclination to get with the programme either. Just so much stuff that's second nature to humans that I've never even bothered trying and don't give a shit about even though I know I goddamn should. - Never "downloaded...
  18. Dismal Pillock

    Straya Internet Anonymity: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNE

    So just to clarify, us foreign pricks get to keep our anonymity while Cyclo has to login with his real name (Clarence McShartesbog III) then we can slag Clarry off and if he replies we can sick the cops on him for online abuse and he'll get taken away in a paddy wagon? I COULD GET USED TO THIS.
  19. Dismal Pillock

    Bledisloe #1 New Zealand vs Australia, August 7 2021

    Date: Aug 7 2021. Location: Eden Park, Auckland, NZ New Zealand Team Match Day GIF: Australian Team Match Day GIF:
  20. Dismal Pillock

    TT Rd 5: NSFW Waratahs vs Chiefs