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  1. wamberal

    Shute Shield 2021

    Ed Craig (Eastwood's next Wallaby :)) has been signed by the Rebels.
  2. wamberal

    Super Rugby positivity thread.

    Well, it looks doomed now. But I remember when it burst onto our screens, opening a whole new world of wonderful rugby. We went from being able to watch a bit of club rugby, to basking every week in the best talent from New Zealand (in particular), South Africa as well as here at home...
  3. wamberal

    The impact of cricket cheating.

    I hope I am wrong. But I believe that this example of absolutely egregious and totally stupid cheating by our national cricket team, captained by the (sic) new Bradman, is going to have an adverse impact on all our international sports. I have never been so ashamed to be an Australian sports...
  4. wamberal

    Shute Shield Grand Final on FTA. Not only in NSW/ACT.

    The Shute Shield grand final between Norths and Warringah is currently showing in Queensland on FTA channels 60 and 61.
  5. wamberal

    A great game of rugby.

    I have looked around for a thread, to no avail. We watched a replay of the Australian Club Championship match last night. Northern Suburbs and Brothers. It was just the most entertaining and wonderful game of rugby that we have seen for ages. Norths are a brilliantly coached and organised...
  6. wamberal

    Australian Club Championship

    Eastwood beat Souths in a pretty good quality game under what must have been very trying conditions.
  7. wamberal

    Where is the old Shute Shield thread?

    I know I'm a bit old and slow these days, but there used to be an overall Shute Shield thread. It seems to have disappeared. In the meantime, could some nice person post some scores from today's finals? Thanks in advance.
  8. wamberal

    What's going wrong at the Home of Rugby?

    Any Woodies players or supporters out there? The word is that there is dissension in the ranks. Any information, please (my wife and I are members, but live in Queensland now, so we are well out of the loop).
  9. wamberal

    IRB HSBC Sevens Round Eight - Scotland.

    The Thunderbolts to play the Darkness in the Cup quarter-finals. We lost to Scotland. The final day will be on Fox Sports tonight, starting at 8.55 IIRC.
  10. wamberal

    Possible changes to the Anti-Siphoning Laws.

    There has been some speculation that Uncle Rupert, having earned his pound of flesh during the last three years of unrelenting criticism of the Labor Government, might be very interested in being the grateful recipient of changes to the Anti-Siphoning Legislation. As with most...
  11. wamberal

    Nightmare scenario - 3 red cards?

    I keep waking up at night, imagining the worst that could happen to the Wobblies scrum against the Puma. Our scrum is, of course, going to be under huge pressure, and we can expect that pressure to continue, scrum after scrum after scrum. The Argies would be stupid not to use every single...
  12. wamberal

    Australian Rugby Development Centre to be built at TG Millner.

    I just received an email from the club which states that the Federal Opposition has pledged that, if elected, they will provide funding in conjunction with the NSW State Government to enable the ARU to purchase TG Millner Field and establish the Australian Rugby Development Centre there. The...
  13. wamberal

    Sydney Club rugby on FTA throughout Australia.

    Sydney's club competition, the Shute Shield, kicks off this weekend, the televised match will be Eastwood against Southern Districts. This game is live on ABC TV throughout NSW (and, I assume, the ACT), and it will be replayed nationally on ABC TV on Tuesday morning at 3.30 - check your local...
  14. wamberal

    Where is JON hiding?

    Part of the answer, maybe the whole answer, is that he is up to his balls working as Chairman of Echo Entertainment Group, aka Star Casino. I wonder whether he is still drawing a salary from the ARU? If he is, he does not seem to be bloody well earning it.
  15. wamberal

    The dying - perhaps death - of Rugby in Australia.

    The last ten years have unfolded like a Greek tragedy (not that I know anything about Greek tragedies). Ten years ago the game was on top of the world, we were holders of the World Cup, just hosted a brilliant Lions tour, and were preparing for a home World Cup. Everything in...
  16. wamberal

    Somebody buy Brendan Cannon a dictionary, please.

    Half a dozen times last night, maybe more, Cannon referred to various players as a "tyro". As in "Sam Bloggs is a real tyro". Canno, you seemed to be using the term as a compliment. Check your dictionary. A tyro is a beginner, somebody inexperienced. The opposite of what you seem...
  17. wamberal

    Australian rugby is on FTA now, every week.

    Okay, it's only the Shute Shield. But for people outside NSW, it might be worth reminding you all that there is now a replay of Saturday's match of the day, on ABC1 at 3.30am the following Tuesday. This is not much, but it is a lot better than nothing. Set your recorders, and...
  18. wamberal

    Cringeworthy Kearns/Martin moments.....minutes......hours......

    These two are definitely worth a thread of their very own. Greg Clarke is pretty hopeless, repetitive and cliche-laden, but it is truly amazing that two great Wallabies are so inept as commentators. Two examples amongst many from this past weekend. For the first half hour of the...
  19. wamberal

    Sharpie, please don't retire just yet.

    I admit that I have never been Nathan Sharpe's biggest fan. But he was an absolute colossus last night, he played like somebody ten years younger. Sharpie, stay around, the Force surely needs you, and you look as though you are having the time of your life.
  20. wamberal

    Stirling Mortlock and Fab Fenton get gongs.

    Mortlock got an AM, Fab got an OAM. Well done.