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  1. jollyswagman

    Ticket Tout Advice - RWC

    Ok boys, I could do with some advice on buying tickets through a ticket tout vs the regular resale channels. The wife and I have decided that we would like to take our boys over the England and catch two of the last three matches as airfares are bloody cheap right now out of Vancouver BC (I live...
  2. jollyswagman

    RWC QF 4 AUS v SCO (Twickenham) 19th Oct 0200 AEDT

    To pick up on the AUS V WALES thread.......what do we expect to see next weekend against Scotland?
  3. jollyswagman

    RWC viewing options outside AUS & UK...help for the expat community.

    Hey mods.....this is my 4th RWC as an expat and it has taken 16 years for me to be able to "access" rugby matches with similar ease as to what I was used to before I left Aussie shores. I live in the US these days and although we do have access to a few free-to-air matches with DirectTV, all the...
  4. jollyswagman

    2013 Spring Tour

    Does anyone know what the games dates are for the Wallabies EOYT to Italy and the UK? We are planning a family trip to the UK in November and I would love to time the trip so we could catch a couple of games.
  5. jollyswagman

    Legal Online Streaming of matches...experiences?

    Discovered this morning that my cable provider here in the US, DirectTV, which owns the broadcast rights to the Super 15 and TRC are not showing the third Bledisloe match tonight. I guess because the match is not part of TRC is has been lost between the programming cracks. My local pub that...
  6. jollyswagman

    Australia - our most valuable players at this World Cup

    I would be really interested to find out how other members would rank the Australian players in order of "importance to Australia's success" at this world cup. Imagine you were back in the school yard and you were picking your team. In what order would you pick your players. In my opinion, it...
  7. jollyswagman

    AUS IRB World Ranking drops to 3rd behind NZ & SA - Ireland up to 6th

    Sorry if this has been picked up already elsewhere..... Checking latest news with my IRB phone app and noticed Australia ranked as third - double checked on the IRB website proper and surely enough....looks like the loss to Ireland cost us one position in the world rankings, now positioned...
  8. jollyswagman

    World Cup 2011 - General Comments & Questions

    Can anyone recall a world cup when NZ were not the odds-on favorites to take the title? I am not being facetious, just curous.