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  1. Rebels3

    Australian team season stats 2021

    Thought I’d put together some stats for the Aus team across all 13 games they played (no finals included). Hopefully gives a clearer idea of what went on over the season and identify strengths and weaknesses of teams compared to perceptions. Points for; 1 - Reds (396) 30.46 ppg 2 - Brumbies...
  2. Rebels3

    Hometown Refs

    Lots of talk today about hometown refs. I have been caught up in the outrage before and perceived bias but then again I have always thought it’s probably my bias that is clouding the judgement. So I decided to do some research today on the stats, dating back to the start of the 2017 season. So...
  3. Rebels3

    23 and under Wallabies squad

    I have noticed some real negativity is starting to creep back in. Its always been there but people starting to talk random uneducated speculation again.... well more than had been during the super season. Starting to reach end of last season level again. So in an effort to build some positivity...
  4. Rebels3

    Aussies Abroad Best XV

    With plenty of chat going on with WSR, a potential Western Sydney team, plus general chit chat on players moving abroad in droves and people saying we have numerous teams worth of talent overseas, so i thought id put together a few XV's of players abroad just to see exactly what it would look...
  5. Rebels3

    The stats that matter. The super rugby story 2015-current

    Being a man in research and data I thought I'd amuse myself this afternoon with some stats from 2015-current. Read into them all as you'd like. Results include finals unless otherwise advised. 2015 was the season I believed the decline became very apparent. Win percentage (%) 1. Hurricanes...