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  1. I like to watch

    Storm in a teacup, or more serious?

  2. I like to watch

    Lance is a cheat? Yes or no

    Lance is back in the papers again. Either he is the innocent subject of a never ending vendetta, or a cynical long term dirty cheater. Or is he somewhere in between? Is it cheating when you know that at least 1/3 of the field are on the juice? Should the authorities wave the white flag...
  3. I like to watch

    One question to ask JON

    I am going to a lunch where JON will be the guest speaker. Any ideas on what question should be asked from the floor? (bearing in mind he will be speaking at the end of the lunch, so there is every likelihood I might be experiencing a thickness of the tongue by that stage, so no long questions!)...
  4. I like to watch

    Thorpe receives $150k in funding. Is that ok?

    http://www.smh.com.au/sport/olympics-2012/thorpe-hits-back-at-funding-criticism-20120314-1uzfa.html I am not sure on where I stand on this topic. On the one hand he is the Thorpedo! he gave us all a lot of pleasure in his prime, so in the scheme of things what is $150k. However, it has been...