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  1. Sheepie

    Trial Match: Waratahs and Two Blues and West Harbour and Hunter Wildfires, oh my!

    No lions, no tigers, no bears. But we do have a native flower, two, count them TWO shades of the same colour, a body of water, and uncontrolled bushfire! This weekend (05/02/2022) at Eric Tweedale Stadium. Tickets here. 14:00 - Gates Open. 16:00 - Waratahs v West Harbour. 16:30 - Waratahs v...
  2. Sheepie

    Hopefully this is the title field?

    How do I change forum appearance back to default? I decided to have a look at the various themes on this site, and got stuck. The text highlighted by me in the blue box pushes the section highlighted by me in the red box down, covers what ever is underneath, which includes the drop-down...