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  1. Bardon

    Northern Hemishpere Rugby 2013

    Thought it would be a good idea to have a thread for general discussion of Northern Hemisphere rugby each year rather than having unrelated discussions in thread for specific tournaments like the 6Ns and HEC threads. To kick it off here's the Ireland training squad announced from next week's...
  2. Bardon

    An good/dumb? idea I had.

    I'm posting this here as maybe there is no appetite for this kind of thing in the community and as it would require official sanction by those who run G&GR. Anyway on with my idea. As a community on various threads we often discuss ways in which the game can be grown both around the world and...
  3. Bardon

    Heineken Cup 2013

    I wrote this guide a while back and I was going to post it on here a few weeks ago, but the Nevin Spence thing kinda dampened my enthusiasm for Rugby and I kept putting it off. Well the Heineken Cup gets underway today so here it is. I tried to update as much as I could but someone of the...
  4. Bardon

    Up and coming Ireland Centre Nevin Spence killed in farm accident

    Not sure how well known Nevin Spence would be in Australia but he was a rising star in Irish Rugby and was our young player of the year. He was tipped for big things, a great loss to the world of rugby but more importantly a very tragic loss to his family who also lost his father and older...
  5. Bardon

    Sharks v Cheetahs Week 18

    I'm sure there are some Brumbies fans staying up to watch this one. So here's somewhere to vent frustrations and also to cling to hope. So far Cheetahs really making a game of it.
  6. Bardon

    Leicester Tigers tackle injuries using IBM analytics

    Thought this article was an interesting read. Obviously there are limitations to the application but if in the future a similar approach can keep the best players injury free for longer then it's a benefit to the whole game. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-17867961
  7. Bardon

    Mike Miller to step down as International Rugby Board chief executive

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/rugby_union/16650099.stm Will be interesting to see who takes over and what fresh ideas they bring with them.
  8. Bardon

    Ireland to play 3 tests in New Zealand (1 in Christchurch)

    Should be a good tour. Ireland seem to like beating whoever is the current WCs over the last 10 years. However the fact that we've still never beat the ABs will be a huge mental block. BoD should be back by then and hopefully some of the young tallent that's been waiting for a chance in green...
  9. Bardon

    Heineken European Cup 2012

    Looking forward to the 1st round of games starting this Friday. Will be cheering for all the Irish provices. Very interested to see how my team, Leinster, go expecially with BoD now out for about 6 months. Also wondering if the Welsh players can carry their WC form into this and make a real...
  10. Bardon

    Wales confirm tour to Australia

    Going to be a full 3 test tour in June 2012
  11. Bardon

    Gareth Thomas retires from rugby

    was a great union player, really enjoyed watching him play and always gave everything.