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  1. southsider

    NZ Air ad

    Didnt know where else to put this but it is awesome.............. http://www.foxsports.com.au/rugby/all-blacks-air-new-zealand-men-in-black-safety-video-goes-viral/story-e6frf4pu-1227481701705
  2. southsider

    How to respond to the haka

    Im sure there has been a thread on this at some point in the past but after the junior league test involving aus v nz the other day I thought it would be worth a revisit (also note ex aussie union boy taane milne was front and centre for the kiwis in the haka) My view on the matter is that the...
  3. southsider

    Brumbies trick play

    Hi guys im looking for a clip on youtube or somewhere else of a play the brumbies once did back in the era of larkham gregan etc. The play involved the 5/8 passing to the inside centre who ran forward then turned 180 so he was facing the wrong way, dummying to the 5/8 who had wrapped after...
  4. southsider

    South Africa restores race quotas

    if this is true it is absolutely disgraceful and a backward step for south Africa and their rugby. Don't give a shit wether the team is all white, all black or full of little green spacemen originating from mars the best players should be picked regardless of race end of story! Hopefully its...
  5. southsider

    If everyone played for their junior club

    thought it would be interesting to see what shute shield teams would look like if everyone stayed with their junior club (we'll include colts in this) so several players may be eligable for multiple teams we will just say they have to have played a minimum of one year. Can also include players...
  6. southsider

    Choosing a ITM team to follow

    so ive watched the ITM cup before but dont really know the teams, who plays for them and what style of play they use anyway decided to take a bigger interest this year and choose a team to follow. Anybody on here have any opinions on who they think is the best team to support?:D