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  1. MungoMan

    Australia A - Back on the Cards

    Which is a polite way of saying a bit poo.
  2. MungoMan

    Having no NRC is better how?

    Many are they who love their local club comp and, likely, few are they who give not a bugger but miss NRC greatly. I number among the latter.
  3. MungoMan

    Australia v England Test 1 Sat. July 2 @1955

    Booger me! Never knew that, despite disappearing down the player numbering rabbithole many years ago on rec.sport.rugby.union. (This was after spotting a piccie of a v. young but clearly adult Ken Catchpole wearing 7; and nah, not playing league).
  4. MungoMan

    Crusaders v Reds 3/06/22 - QF1

    I've no idea if you're correct but it's certainly a reasonable conjecture.
  5. MungoMan

    Round 6 - Reds v Waratahs - Suncorp

    Yep. Ms MungoSpouse and I were both of the wtaf opinion when that happened. It seemed so obvious I half-convinced myself the fella must have caught before it touched the turf, otherwise why no knock-on signal from the touchie?
  6. MungoMan

    Round 5 - Brumbies v Reds GIO 18/3

    He's lagging behind Campbell, that's for sure. Cannot be relied upon to take the high ball and has an anaemic kick.
  7. MungoMan

    Super Rugby Rnd 4 Reds v Drua, Suncorp Satdium 12/3 @ 6:45pm AEST

    Haven't seen a replay, but at the ground it looked a genuine contest for the ball (which what I told Ms MungoSpouse when she half-shrieked 'Penalty!').
  8. MungoMan

    Super Rugby Rnd 4 Reds v Drua, Suncorp Satdium 12/3 @ 6:45pm AEST

    Yes, it's getting a bit silly really. Reminds me of a few years back when the appointment of a new No.10 would be quickly followed by appointments with an orthopod and / or physio.
  9. MungoMan

    Reds Vs Tahs pre-season trial, Roma 12/02/22 @ 7:30pm

    Talk me through the recent stuff-ups by the other codes and how they dealt with it.
  10. MungoMan

    Reds Vs Tahs pre-season trial, Roma 12/02/22 @ 7:30pm

    And this type of horseshit is why rugby will continue lag behind Strayan football and Rugby League for the foreseeable. V.disappointing.
  11. MungoMan

    Super Rugby AU Grand Final - Reds v Brumbies - Saturday 8th May 2021

    Valetini has been damnably good. I shall forgive him if he has a forgettable night come Saturday.
  12. MungoMan

    Broadcast options for Australian Rugby

    Yeah, Stan refused to play nicely during the SRA game. I gave up and switched to a Nine network channel that was showing it.
  13. MungoMan

    Broadcast options for Australian Rugby

    So far I've watched all the SRA games on Stan other than Reds home games - I watched at the ground - plus most SRAo games and one or two Japanese games. Yeah, the service freezes up occasionally but that's rectified easily enough and I find it easy to skip forward to kick-off if i'm not...
  14. MungoMan

    Super Rugby Au Rnd 3 Waratahs vs Force 5th March, Sydney

    Anyone who remotely resembles a lock should be on the Wobs radar at present given so many Strayan locks are OS and given it's a position with a highish attrition rate.
  15. MungoMan

    Reds 2021

    Wilson has the look of a fella with a cat funt inside him snuggling to get out.
  16. MungoMan

    Rugby Championship in an Aussie bubble?

    Ta for that! Tried again today and this time it worked fine.
  17. MungoMan

    Rugby Championship in an Aussie bubble?

    Re Aus v NZ at Suncorp, 7/11: pre-sale tickets are supposedly available, I've got the email stating I supposedly can access them, but the Ticketek site is not giving me the option to actually buy them. Are all the pre-sale tickets exhausted already, or is it another stuff-up?
  18. MungoMan

    Rugby Championship in an Aussie bubble?

    Well, I’m still keen on going to the Brissie game altho’ heaven knows what the ticket prices will be. At this point it isn’t even clear if there will be a ‘pre-sale’, as was to be the case, or if it will just be a mad scramble until the pattern of seats sold reaches the Covid plan’s limits.
  19. MungoMan

    Rugby Championship in an Aussie bubble?

    General public (i.e. non-presale) tickets to the Suncorp doubleheader were supposed to go on sale at 11.00am 'local time' today. Not so on the Ticketek website, however.
  20. MungoMan

    New Zealand vs Australia Oct 11 2020 Bledisloe Cup

    At the Caketin, nothing would surprise. A few years back at a Mitre 10 game there were all these folk lining up to go in with mutts of all sizes and types, and none of them (people, not dogs) looked blind. Doggie Day*, as it turned out. *Not the correct name but I'm too lazy to look for the...