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  1. Cutter

    Pocock in Politics

    He's already getting active. Good on him for having a voice.
  2. Cutter

    Shane Williams

    Feel free to put this somewhere else. I think it probably deserves its own thread. One of my favourite non-Wallaby players.
  3. Cutter

    Jeremy Lin

    I'm not a basketball fan at all, but has anyone looked into this guy? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeremy_Lin I've watched some youtube clips and it's a good story.
  4. Cutter

    Mining and the Media

    We've talked before about GetUp and what I regard as the valuable job they do in putting forward alternative views or airing issues which wouldn't otherwise be aired. Many didn't appreciate their value. We've also talked about the value of a serious free press. Finally, we've talked about the...
  5. Cutter

    Worthwhile quotes

    I'll kick off: “For that kind of money, the least [NASA] can do is discover God.” Kurt Vonnegut after the moon landing.
  6. Cutter

    Voluntary Euthanasia

    In the article below, Kate Caro says 80% of her friends support voluntary euthanasia. I was surprised it was that high and thought I'd put it to G&GR but people are, obviously, welcome to discuss it as well...
  7. Cutter

    Occupy Movement

    It strikes me that the police are being rather heavy handed in responding to what seems a relatively harmless protest, both in Sydney and elsewhere. There is footage somewhere of an Iraq veteran being felled by a tear gas (I think) canister somewhere in the US. I've not seen evidence these...
  8. Cutter

    Poker Machine Pre-Commitment Law

    I've not seen another thread on this, but I'd be interested in other views. I agree with the view expressed below.
  9. Cutter

    Brad Thorn

    Rugby league premiership winner (multiple), State of Origin winner (multiple), rugby league test match winner (maybe titles in there), Super rugby winner (multiple), Rugby World Cup winner. And he carries himself with professionalism and dignity in whatever he does. Respect.
  10. Cutter

    What does this tell us about the human condition?

    I thought this was an interesting article.
  11. Cutter

    Coal Seam Gas Mining

    I don't know how much anyone knows about this, but there is a good documentary about its effects in the US called Gasland (http://www.gaslandthemovie.com/). Watch it if you can, it's a frightening example of political opportunism, corporate greed and the little guy being screwed. In particular...
  12. Cutter

    Richie McCaw

    I'm not sure who has or hasn't seen this, but I thought it was terrific. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrzcMagsWUM
  13. Cutter

    Waratahs Player Welfare

    This year the Tahs have had dreadful injury problems. However, it seems to me that they are miraculously getting players back on the field week after week. I know all professional athletes have to play injured at times, but it concerns me that a number of important Wallabies are playing injured...
  14. Cutter

    Why is this marketable?

    This demonstrates the depths of delusion our society engages in. Next, t-shirts with muscles built in (that aren't for fancy dress parties)? Of the current Wallabies, you'd have to back the hair product and twitter crowd (you know who you are) to be the most likely wearers...
  15. Cutter

    The Wallabies use of 13

    Has anyone noticed that this season our 13, whether Horne or AAC (Adam Ashley-Cooper), has been quiet. I'm not sure whether that is because our game plan doesn't use the 13 much of that neither AAC (Adam Ashley-Cooper) or Horne has really imposed themselves on a game this year. It could also be said that our 8 has been quiet but I...
  16. Cutter

    What is wrong with our attack?

    Since starting this I see Scott has done a video analysis of our attack against Scotland which covers some of the same points. But, for what its worth... I've said I think its Gits fault. As the leader of the backs and of our attack, the responsibility for organising and, to a degree executing...
  17. Cutter

    Bushfires and Climate Change

    There was a fair bit on here during and after the Victorian fires. The link between climate change and bushfires has been argued before but when the firies are saying it and talking about their experience it carries a fair bit of weight. Meanwhile, our politicians try to score points before they...
  18. Cutter

    Perspective in Sport

    Neil D'Costa is obviously a pretty level headed chap. He is dead right and good on him. http://www.smh.com.au/news/sport/cricket/plenty-of-time-for-hughes-to-mature--just-like-clarke-says-coach/2009/11/19/1258219925405.html
  19. Cutter

    Eligibility for more than one test playing country

    Rugby has a real issue on its hands with eligibility. Cricket, which has broadly similar eligibility rules, is in the situation where England has a test team where a third were born and raised outside of England. Although the same hasnt occurred in rugby yet, the loose eligibility rules should...
  20. Cutter

    Elsom: Messiah or just a naughty boy?

    O'Driscoll certainly thinks he is the second coming. As far as I can see, he isnt much different from the player who left Australia. Sure, our best 6 (though I wasn't overly concerned when he left given, at the time, Mumm and MMM's form), but not the world beater the Irish describe. He still...