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    Five Big Predictions 2015-2020

    The purpose of this thread is for everyone to make five big predictions for the next five years, up to 2020. You make five bold predictions about what think could happen and we'll discuss the probability and see what comes true when it does. Here's my five: 1. Australia will win the...
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    2011 Team of the Year

    I know Australia has a few more games this year but I wanted to hear what some people thought about certain players who have struck a chord in international rugby. You can add your own form XV if you want. These are also just opinions based on how well I have seen them play. Sorry if there's any...
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    Queensland Schools Rugby Merger Idea

    Hi everybody, I have been thinking about the GPS and AIC and also TAS and how their rugby competitions seem so one sided. Ussually the school with the most money ends up having the best players, etc. What I thought is that all these rugby competitions should combine into a 3 or 4 division...