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  1. Sagerian

    Where did we go wrong? Wallaby Recovery thread.

    Gotta give the McKenzie led Wallabies a chance guys. I mean, it's pretty obvious Ewen's only set move was to pass through the hands, next game they'll add a cut-out pass to the attack and we'll be on our way. Baby steps, lads.
  2. Sagerian

    RWC Pool Match: Wallabies vs Ireland (Supporter meetup)

    Will definitely catch you guys post game, will do my best to drop by for pre-game drinks too.
  3. Sagerian

    Australia A (aka Barbarians) v England II, Gosford

    Not sure if I'm heading up yet. Are people just gonna have dinner/some drinks at the RSL thing next door?
  4. Sagerian

    New Wallaby Ad

    Took me a while to find this pic.
  5. Sagerian

    The 2010 Tahs Awards

    That's gotta be a typo.. Surely it's "2009 Timana Tahu, best back to league..."
  6. Sagerian

    Upgrades at G&GR

    Hey Moses, just a minor stupid thing that will really only benefit me, but is there going to be RSS feeds for the forum topics?
  7. Sagerian

    The Lonely Island

    On a boat and jizz in my pants are my two least fave, I'd go so far as to say I dislike them. Those also happen to be the mainstream ones that most people like. We like sportz, two guys, and like a boss are awesome though
  8. Sagerian

    Upgrades at G&GR

    Looking the goods so far Moses :up
  9. Sagerian

    Chris hickey - greatest coach of 2010 (and other awards)

    Really? Injuries aside I still rated him better than any other Australian props on form this year. -EDIT- I always freely admit my bias, so if I'm wrong I can accept that. :)
  10. Sagerian

    Chris hickey - greatest coach of 2010 (and other awards)

    Is the complete list of votes about somewhere? I'm honestly shocked that Benn Robinson appears nowhere on this player of the year list. :lmao: Careful there Burkey, spouting off facts like that could get you threatened with defamation again.
  11. Sagerian

    Chris hickey - greatest coach of 2010 (and other awards)

    James O'Connor the 3rd best Australian player in the super 14? And of course they're all backs.
  12. Sagerian

    New Wallaby Ad

    So... Rocky Elsom is Han Solo now???... DAMN YOU GEORGE LUCAS!
  13. Sagerian

    The Hickey Must go thread

    I think it's Mowen you're thinking of, WJ. Happy for Hickey to stay, but I'm really curious if any of these coaches know how to put a plan B together. Saturday was just horrible to watch and I always assume that enough tape gets watched through the week to establish a couple of game plans.
  14. Sagerian

    Rugby Pub in Canberra at 3am on Sunday?

    I think a small group of us (Sydney) are heading to the Dolphin to watch this. Such a shame it's on at 3am cos hardly anyone wants to go out and party. But everyone's welcome to joins us if you're out and about at 3am on a sunday :lmao:
  15. Sagerian

    Waratah support

    Kamp Staaldraad will seem like a picnic once the Tahs are done with them*. Go the Tahs! *I can't even slightly back that up with fact, just my bias coming through
  16. Sagerian

    Australia's S14 Captain of the Season

    I've worked backwards with my list as it's the only way I can do it. Holies is at the bottom of the list, not just the Walsh incident but he seems to get offside with the refs more often than not. Sharpe goes next. Sure, he's done well coping with injuries, etc. But they're in the same spot...
  17. Sagerian

    Break Out the Arm Bands? - Bakkies Again....

    "Justice 4 clearing out like an angry seagull" is a little long to put on an armband.
  18. Sagerian

    Lote continues to show his class

    Well he would know. Rogers spent more time watching Union than most of us did during that time.
  19. Sagerian

    Cory Jane in deep shit

    She's only pissed cos he keeps wearing her shoes and stretches them out.
  20. Sagerian

    Semi 2: Stormers vs Tahs

    I think the Tahs making better use of the attacking kick will keep the Stormers defense in two minds. If the players creep up, the tahs can kick past them (and have a good try percentage rate when they do) and if the Stormers sit back expecting kicks, the Tahs have shown they can run it. We'll...