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  1. flat_eric

    Australia v England: Match III, SCG, Sat 16th July 7.55pm AEST

    Unfortunately the reality is we haven't had the skill to execute it for the better part of two decades.
  2. flat_eric

    Australia v England: Match II @ Suncorp 7.55pm AEST, 09/07

    Undersized yes but I think he makes up for it, particularly defensively. According to the stats I'm looking at he made 9/10 tackles and also beat four defenders tonight.
  3. flat_eric

    Australia v England: Match II @ Suncorp 7.55pm AEST, 09/07

    Surely Vunivalu will finally get his opportunity next week. If our bad luck on the injury front turns around during the decider and we can actually build some continuity throughout the game with the players selected then I like our chances. Hopefully our sometimes fickle Sydney supporters get to...
  4. flat_eric

    Hurricanes v Reds Sat 23rd April

    Countless more Kiwis in Melbourne than Queenslanders (at least of the rugby fan variety).
  5. flat_eric

    Bledisloe #1 New Zealand vs Australia, August 7 2021

    I had a chuckle when the mexican wave went up barely a fraction into the second half when the All Blacks were only up by eight. Not much respect for the game amongst the Eden Park crowd tonight.
  6. flat_eric

    Bledisloe #1 New Zealand vs Australia, August 7 2021

    I think the outcome would be different - much worse.
  7. flat_eric

    Bledisloe #1 New Zealand vs Australia, August 7 2021

    Shocker from Harry Wilson tonight. I think he'll take that personally and put in a much better effort next week.
  8. flat_eric

    Bledisloe #1 New Zealand vs Australia, August 7 2021

    There are no answers.
  9. flat_eric

    Super Rugby AU 2021 -Rd 4 - Force v Rebels - Fri 12/3

    Not the best quality rugby. Going to be hard to stay competitive against the Kiwis with 5 teams. But it’s great to have games played in Perth, hopefully the sea of blue faithful are repaid with a home victory for their enduring loyalty.
  10. flat_eric

    State of the Union (origin) discussion

    There is a lot of talk in here about us ripping this concept off rugby league. Well they ripped it off Australian rules in the first place! Sometimes a good idea is just a good idea, that doesn't mean it can't be tweaked to suit our purposes and made our own over time. I think given rugby's...
  11. flat_eric

    State of the Union (origin) discussion

    Then he misses out. If a player has no legitimate claim to Queensland or NSW why should they be selected to represent either of them? There have been many star players that haven't qualified for the rugby league version over the years, notably SBW.
  12. flat_eric

    Broadcast options for Australian Rugby

    This was more or less the approach behind the Ballymore Tornadoes of the short lived ARC: ”Queensland's two teams in the ARC were aligned with existing clubs and regions. The Tornadoes were aligned with six Queensland Premier Rugby clubs north of the Brisbane River – Brothers, GPS, Norths/QUT...
  13. flat_eric

    Rugby World Cup 2019

    Typhoons in Japan at this time of year aren't some rare occurrence. Perhaps enough slack could have been built into the schedule to afford the rescheduling of games by a day or two? Delaying the start of the tournament by a month would also have markedly increased the chances of avoiding such...
  14. flat_eric

    Wallabies 2019 Thread

    No Samu is such a headscratcher from my armchair perspective. Disappointing that he fell out of favour given the excitement around him last year. His form this year still warranted his inclusion in the Wallabies setup IMO.
  15. flat_eric

    Rugby World Cup 2019

    Not too many household names there. Got a version with their clubs linked?
  16. flat_eric

    Wallabies 2019 Thread

    Probably a naive question but why aren't blokes like Henry Speight, Sefa Naivalu and Curtis Rona in the mix this year?
  17. flat_eric

    Where to for Super Rugby?

    We need to get off mother's tit and go our own way for a change. As per usual Rugby Australia is in a state of analysis paralysis, no guts to make a decision that puts our own needs first for fear of missing out on someone else's money. How much lower does our code need to sink before we realise there is no...
  18. flat_eric

    Reds 2019

    Turned up to the game tonight expecting to see young gun Jordy out there. Devastating to read he's been ruled out for the season. It looks to me that this squad, despite the potential, could use a few more older heads around. Attack was pretty rudderless and disjointed.
  19. flat_eric

    Round 4 - Festival of Hate - Qld v NSW

    Just got back from my first rugby match (or any sporting event for that matter) at the SCG. Lovely stadium, terrible for rugby. Really sucked up any atmosphere there might have otherwise been. I won't be rushing back, particularly at those prices. I must say there's not much passion (on or off...
  20. flat_eric

    Western Sydney Rams . NRC Official Team Thread

    So who becomes the de facto holder of the Horan-Little Shield now the Rams have been unceremoniously removed from the competition?