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  1. DPK

    Brian Cushing: Such range...

    Good for a larf. I would wonder what goes on in his head but I think we basically have a live feed.
  2. DPK


    When was the last time the Wallabies fielded a side that featured a 6 that really put the fear of God into opposition sides? For a while, the Wallabies have had Openside flankers that are "World class", guys who can change the game on their own. But I struggle to remember the last blindside...
  3. DPK

    DPK's Positional Proposition

    (Moving discussion from a thread were my posted had digressed off topic) 1. Alexander 2. Moore 3. Kepu 4. Vickerman 5. Sharpe 6. Horwill 7. Pocock 8. Higginbotham (At scrum time, Sharpe would pack at 6.) With the three Ents of Vickerman, Sharpe and Horwill all on the field at...
  4. DPK


    It's fine to say all that shit, but you haven't provided any evidence of them doing that. Nobody is going to change their mind with that sort of rubbish.
  5. DPK

    Scotland RWC Jersey

    Looks like shoulder pads without any padding.
  6. DPK

    Waratahs vs Brumbies Rd 18 MOM

    Tahs: 3. Dennis 2. Timani 1. Beale Brumbies: 3. Moore 2. Vaea 1. Giteau
  7. DPK

    Giteau at 9

    I didn't pay much attention to rugby until the last few years, and as such I remember basically nothing about Matt Giteau's time at scrumhalf. Can anyone shed some light on the experiment? As in when did it happen/who's idea was it/why was it a success/failure.
  8. DPK

    Western Force vs NSW Waratahs, 2011R08

    To kick us off: new Force jersey for this clash.
  9. DPK

    Strength of the Rebels Fan Base

    They are bloody hardcore about their support for the Rebels. And good on them; also, the Force's fans are pretty good. Interesting that the two youngest Aus Conference Super teams have the most passionate supporters. We could use a Rebel Army for each of the franchises.
  10. DPK

    The Konze's Rules

    A couple of ideas for fixing up rugby. I know this subject has been done to death, but I'd like to have a go. Firstly, the referees harden up and adopt this system: Referee's MUST yellow card a player from a team that has broken a law twice previously in that game. Also, referees MUST...
  11. DPK

    Cipriani Nightclub Investigation

  12. DPK

    Forget the Bled: Can we win this awesome trophy?

    Anyone else think this is a beautiful trophy? Yes, I'm fully prepared for a backlash from RugbyFuture on how the geometry is wrong or the colours aren't complementary (or maybe the lack of pandas...).
  13. DPK

    A Request to More Dedicated Fans Than I

    I've been searching for highlights of this Bledisloe Cup game on YouTube, but I've been unable to find any match highlights, and only able to find occasional highlights that are part of video compilations. If anyone has the game recorded, would they be willing to put the man hours in to make...
  14. DPK

    The Role of Private Schools in Australian Rugby

    On Lee Grant's advice, I've started this thread to bring this digression away from the best schoolboys XV's thread. Personally, I'm waiting on Slim's reply to why it's a "shame".
  15. DPK

    Barbarians vs South Africa, Twickenham

    Juan Smith will lead the Boks, who's backline is really very much a case of last men standing:
  16. DPK

    Italy vs Wallabies, EOYT 2010

    Be afraid: be very afraid. Italy scrummed the Argies into fetal position yesterday. We dodged the scrum bullet against England, but we may not be so lucky against Italy next week. Squad predictions, scoreline predictions as usual. Have at it!
  17. DPK

    YouTube Profiles: Subscriptions Everyone Should Have.

    I think it would be a good idea to compile a basic list of YouTube channels that people should subscribe to in order to keep up to date on the game highlights and general rugby news. To kick us off: IRB The IRB profile is usually updated with clips from the Total Rugby show. I find...
  18. DPK


    Anyone else having a go of the grow? Looks like some of the Wobs are doing it again this tour. After last year's disastrous attempt at a beard, I'm just sticking with a "slug".
  19. DPK


    So, has citing been abandoned by the IRB? In the dying stages in Honkers, there were two high tackles (McCaw on O'Connor, Donald on AAC (Adam Ashley-Cooper)) and a blatant penalty in front of the posts that Rollaind reached to his pocket for but the Wob's played on quickly. If Australia had lost we'd all be...
  20. DPK

    Barbarians FC vs South Africa, 4/12/10, Twickenham

    Will Genia, James O'Connor and Drew Mitchell have all been called up. Matt Giteau also got a call up. This gives me the shits because it shows that he is still considered an exciting, classy player. Maybe the only place in the world that thinks he should be dropped and banished is this...