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  1. cheezel

    2011 Super Rugby Calendar

    I've had a shocker and booked a flight on Friday night from Melbourne to Brisbane, the exact time the Tahs vs Rebels is on. Then booked a flight from Brisbane to Melbourne on Sunday the exact time the Reds vs Force game. For some reason I thought the Rebels were on Saturday night, and the Reds...
  2. cheezel

    Internet Service Providers

    My bigpond internet contract has finally run out, and it's way too expensive to carry on for what I'm getting. Currently I'm paying approx $120.00 a month for a home phone no one uses, and for 12GB (allegedly ADSL2, but it's very slow) of data. I've scoured the whirlpool forums for advice and...
  3. cheezel

    Wallaby Wednesday on Foxtel

    I was flicking around foxtel last night and saw they have Wallaby Wednesday on Fox 2 in the evening, where they show a classic Wallaby game. Last night was vs South Africa in the last game of the 2000 tri nations. Top game of rugby, and great to see some of the old players. For those like me...
  4. cheezel

    Super 14 calendar??

    Does anyone know where you can download or subscribe to a super 14 calendar for 2010. Last year there was one on iCalshare.com which told me when and where all of the games were. I checked on the reds site and there is nothing.
  5. cheezel

    Winter Olympics 2010

    Is anyone going to/interested in the Winter Olympics in Vancouver? I have an old school friend living in Whistler so myself and another guy from school are heading over to stay with him and have tickets to a few events. I am not a winter sports connoisseur by any standard but should be good...
  6. cheezel

    Morahan called up to replace Mortlock

    Odd choice but good for the reds as he gets some experience.
  7. cheezel

    Websites to cure boredom

    It's been very quiet at work for the last few weeks and to cure slow days I have a few humorous websites I kill time with. I hope that posting them will encourage you to share others as I am running out of things to look at on the internet. http://emailsfromcrazypeople.com Especially the two...
  8. cheezel

    Technical help - OS X Safari

    Background I use at work a Mac Pro tower at work, running the latest os and use Safari as my main browser. At home I have a MacBook Pro running the latest os and also use safari. Problem Mac at work has no problem with this forum, never has. Mac at home won't let me make a post, or logout...
  9. cheezel


    Hello all, I wasn't really sure how to do this as it's my first foray into the forum world. I'm nearly 30, grew up in Brisbane and have been living in Melbourne for 2 years and work for in advertising. I started playing rugby for Ascot Clayfield Brothers in under 6 through to under 12's. Played...