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  1. Dave Beat

    Rugby business plan

    This maybe a wild wild thought. Whats your preference. Club rugby - mine. Soup. Test matches. With all codes taking a huge hit with Covid-19. Gee the press (not always right) has clubs becoming part of history. So have they come back to the pack and if so - how close. So could all levels of...
  2. Dave Beat

    Shute Shield 2019

    Happy New Year all.
  3. Dave Beat

    Rugby in the west of Sydney

    This is an ideas thread, not a criticism thread. There is no doubt we all want rugby in the west thriving, it is a growing population over a very large area. If Penrith was an employee or a business what would happen to them given the last 10 years performance? I ask this question as having...
  4. Dave Beat

    NATIONAL RUGBY WEEK 25th 29th July

    To all the punters and volunteers - it is our week, lets talk it up. Doing a survey as well, I would really like the feedback as feedback enables improvement; if you new about it; how did you hear? is your club involved? is your school involved? If not how can we do it bigger and better...
  5. Dave Beat

    What is GRASSROOTS?

    With the recent announcement of rugby's new sponsor BMW - and its involvement in grass roots rugby, what is grass roots rugby to you? Is it mini's rugby, Is it junior rugby, Is it club rugby, Is it Private High School rugby, Fantastic work picking up a sponsor like BMW, so how could this be best...
  6. Dave Beat

    Manly 2016

    Is around the corner
  7. Dave Beat

    Super rugby tipping 2015

    Few comps last year and I see SuperBru is up and running again - join in. The other one I haven't seen any reference yet?
  8. Dave Beat

    Manly 2015

    Pre Season has started, One of the best, and thorough set ups in the comp, prep starts now. https://www.facebook.com/pages/J-Train-Athletic-Performance-and-Personal-Training/224663597580486?hc_location=timeline
  9. Dave Beat

    Live feed??

    Any body tried this before, is this as good as it sounds All games being live streamed? http://www.centralcoastsevens.com.au/index.php/watch-live Would love confirmation if possible.
  10. Dave Beat

    Green & Gold Rugby

    Whether talking up your team, talking up a player, sharing thoughts on our game - enjoyment, communication, and awareness is the best form of promotion that can be achieved. To capture parents and kids - why not name Australian mini rugby "Green & Gold Rugby" - possible thread for juniors and...
  11. Dave Beat


    You are now in the the Norths thread, created it for you. Type away. I think it has something to do with needing to have a number of posts before getting the green light to start a new thread.
  12. Dave Beat

    Easts 2014

    @Beastie sad its round 14 and Manly has to start this thread. Been 35 years since Easts had a real good year in all grades in the same year, and my old man talks it up all the time as he was in one of the teams. All talk I say as his head doesn't appear in any of the team photo's. Hope its a...
  13. Dave Beat

    New explorer

    My computer recently update with the new explorer thing, now when I hit reply on the thread it does appear as [ quote ] what am I doing wrong?
  14. Dave Beat

    Manly 2014

    Why not start early, one step further in 2014.
  15. Dave Beat

    Australian Rugby / Rugby Australia

    Keeping the briefing short as it captures various areas and has evolved over a number of years. We have Australian Rugby, what most of the posters are pationate about, whether it be their club side, passing comments on their provincial side, or casting their thoughts on the make up of the...
  16. Dave Beat

    Out my way

  17. Dave Beat

    MANLY 2013

    The season is here, get down to the local games with your kids and build the grass roots. This is our 3rd Tier lets build it. Away game vs Gordon, Chatswood Oval, 3pm, 6th April “Be wary of a wounded dog,” commented MMMs coach Tim Lane at the season launch last night (Thurs), Manly Bowling...