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  1. Runner

    Australian Rugby / Rugby Australia

    What marketing genius puts the Reds Vs Waratahs in Townsville?
  2. Runner

    The current issue with Stan's coverage in bars/pubs....

    There will be a night gathering if isFTA to watch otherwise no
  3. Runner

    The current issue with Stan's coverage in bars/pubs....

    No not enough money left out of the pension cheque
  4. Runner

    The current issue with Stan's coverage in bars/pubs....

    A resounding success I think not. Not a deep analysis I know but most of my 20 mates who watched rugby on Foxtel and still have Fox have not purchased Stan and have moved to watch the NRL. Same at my work place no one has watched a game this year. Now for these guys who have watch and played for...
  5. Runner

    NSW AAGPS 2021

    Scored remained the same at FT. Auggies bashed two weeks previously by Waverly and folks there said they still had 5 players out from the normal 1st XV
  6. Runner

    ISA 2020

    Augustines 45 to St Pat's 22 for 1st XV
  7. Runner

    ISA 2020

    Auggies 46 to St Greg's 0
  8. Runner

    Pic needs a caption

    European Rugby looks better every day
  9. Runner

    All Blacks vs Kangaroos?

    Hybrid game https://coupler.foxsports.com.au/api/v1/article/amp/rugby/st-augustines-college-defeats-keebra-park-state-high-school-in-hybrid-rugby-clash-at-brookvale-oval/news-story/ec296c425016d2d32e163460f2023713
  10. Runner

    Aussie Player Exodus

    Among the 210 pages here I suspect that someone has already pointed out the Rugby Australia Gitteau rule is a major hinderance to the development fo the game. Players have a limited life and will ensure their futures over a Wallabies jersey. In fact some Aust school boys have played for other countries or...
  11. Runner

    Australian Schoolboys / Under 18s 2019

    Pathways are open from clubs and schools. Problem is that is some areas junior club teams are merging or shrinking the player base. If you look at the the pathway via school then the schools with a rugby program are restricted to sports highs ( perhaps 5), the private system in ACT ( 4...
  12. Runner

    ISA 2019

    Auggies 1st XV 29 defeated Stannies 17. Very hard fought game decided only in last 10 minutes. Stannies pressured Auggies line most of 2nd half for long periods. Auggies broke out to score a couple of quick tries to seal the game.
  13. Runner

    ISA 2019

    Langi Gleeson (red headgear) didn't play, some injuries to return and some on League rep duties
  14. Runner

    ISA 2018

    If correct what a lose to school boy rugby.
  15. Runner

    Concussions and Protecting Our Players

    Soccer ball headed has high velocity collision without concussion but what is the cumulative effect?
  16. Runner

    ISA 2018

    Auggies 3rds lost 24 to 17, 2nd won 31 to 0, and 1st won 51 to 10
  17. Runner

    ISA 2018

    Pius Vs Auggies Saw 16 A match which was a 0 all draw. Not seen that in many years 2ndXv Auggies won by 40 1st Pius 1st to score lost 87 to 7
  18. Runner

    ISA 2018

    Cold day at Stannies but no rain or snow. Ref was ex Super 15 and did a great job. Stannies very physical and good at stealing and maintaining the ball. Auggies only had 40 to 45% of the ball.