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  1. Hugh Jarse

    WINNERS: 2016 GAGR Forum Awards

    3 stinking votes. So much for Gunston and Gunston Poll Fixing Services. I think Gene and Trev may have too busy fixing Poles in the remaining Kings Cross Erotic dancing clubs to do what they were engaged to do in the annual GAGR Awards Polls. Yet another multi-thousand dollar Visa card...
  2. Hugh Jarse

    School sporting scholarships/recruitment

    ^^^^^^Self regulation.
  3. Hugh Jarse

    School sporting scholarships/recruitment

    An entity like College Sport Auckland could be useful in Sydney.
  4. Hugh Jarse

    Reds 2017

    Which of the last three years are you referring to? Aren't most Reds supporters trying to forget the inexperienced and untried coaching staff, since Link moved on?
  5. Hugh Jarse

    Craft beer thread

    Life is too short for cheap beer. At my point on the Birth to Death spectrum, I'd rather go without than have a VB, XXXX or anything from Tooheys..
  6. Hugh Jarse

    Waratahs 2017

    ^^^I'll bite. You would. Reds Troll alert. Any truth to the rumour that Brand Bieber Boy O'Connor will be back in Redland in 2017? If we have to have Drew, then your mob deserves him. I'd like to see that.
  7. Hugh Jarse

    Sydney Subbies 2016

    Thread is locked. Discuss 2017 issues on the appropriate thread. Click on @pFitzys link above.
  8. Hugh Jarse

    Rebels 2017

    Bugger of an illness that takes a long time to regain your energy levels & fitness. Hopefully he will be right for Season 2017, and another tilt at U20 World champs if the Rebels release him.
  9. Hugh Jarse

    QLD GPS Rugby 2017

    Careful with the scholarship/bursary/fee relief/recruiting/poaching etc talk. Leave it general and non specific. Accusations and a race for the moral high ground will only end in tears. If you must, we have a thread specifically to vent and rant about scholarships and recruiting/poaching.
  10. Hugh Jarse

    NSW AAGPS 2017

    And that should be the last post on the restructure of the competition. As has been said previously it is what it is and nothing on here, no matter how often that message is posted, will change things. Unless there is some fundamentally new information that comes to light, how about laying off...
  11. Hugh Jarse

    England v Australia, Saturday 3 December

    Found some.
  12. Hugh Jarse

    NSW AAGPS 2017

    Rule 6. Well worth a read. Save yourself time, and disappointment when your post disappears.
  13. Hugh Jarse

    Shute Shield 2017

    ^^^^^^ In summary: NSWRU has taken steps to bring the NSW RU and Waratahs Inc together to create a “whole of game” approach with four board members, including chief executive Andrew Hore and chairman Roger Davis, sitting on both boards. Take it away Andrew Hore: “The dysfunction came with the...
  14. Hugh Jarse

    QLD GPS Rugby 2017

    Take the U20 discussion to the 2017 U20 World Championships thread.
  15. Hugh Jarse

    England v Australia, Saturday 3 December

    Why was there no spider cam shots last night? We know Twickersis capable of supporting spidercam technology. We know that the England RU has plenty of money to rent spidercam. Are they worried about the general public getting to see the angles of the props?
  16. Hugh Jarse

    Aussie Towns Trivia

    Alphabetic listing so far: (Try Searching here for previous entries) Aarons Pass, Abbotsbury, Abbotsford, Abbotsham, Aberdeen, Abergowrie, Abernethy, Acton, Adaminaby, Adamstown, Adavale, Adelaide, Adelaide River, Adelong, Adjungbilly, Advancetown, Adventure Bay, Agnes Banks, Agnes Waters...
  17. Hugh Jarse

    Aussie Towns Trivia

    The chain so far: Wagga Wagga, Adaminaby, Yeppoon, Narrabri, Ipswich, Humpty Doo, Osborne, Erskineville, Eden, Nowra, Asquith, Henty, Yamba, Armidale, Ejanding, Goulburn, Nambour, Rooty Hill, Longreach, Holbrook, Kempsey, Yarraman, Neutral Bay, Yarra Valley, Yatalah, Helidon, Narromine, Emu...
  18. Hugh Jarse

    G&GR MOTM: England v Australia, 03-12-2016

    It is going to be hard but you know the drill. Just 3-2-1 and HM's. Leave the chatter to the match thread.
  19. Hugh Jarse

    Dubai 7's: December 2 & 3

    Is your car under cover @Waiopehu OB? Hail?
  20. Hugh Jarse

    Dubai 7's: December 2 & 3

    Really enjoyed watching the top 4 placegetter games in the Womens Division at Dubai. Some excellent and entertaining rugby. The womens circuit must get stronger and more airtime.