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  1. Jnor

    G&GR Translations

    Good idea @Sully FWIW - for what it's worth IIRC - if I recall correctly will add a few more as i remember
  2. Jnor

    Wallabies have a drinking problem?

    I don't think we've heard from his dog yet
  3. Jnor

    All Blacks v Wallabies, Dunedin, 19th October 2013

    Of course there are examples on both sides. Jamie also points out instances where Joubert made wrong calls that favoured the Wallabies. I don't think the article was whingey, it simply pointed out one instance where 99 times out of 100 that call would not have been made and a (potentially...
  4. Jnor

    G&GR MOTM - ARG v AUS, Oct 5th 2013

    3. Fardy 2. Folau 1. Genia
  5. Jnor

    Jake White Quits Brumbies

    I predict this may need its own thread. Poor Brums, real shit news for you guys.
  6. Jnor

    Wallabies vs Springboks - GAGR MOTM

    Sorry, can't do it yet. May come back with something...
  7. Jnor

    Australia vs South Africa - Brisbane 7th Sept 2013

    Did anyone think the only reason Link kept Quade on for the full 80 last night was because the game was lost and he was giving him a final run on home turf?
  8. Jnor

    New Zealand vs Australia - Bledisloe 2, 24th August 2013

    I think all your points are valid - the biggest problem I have with result is that we never (except maybe in the first 30) looked like we were going to come close to winning the thing. The ABs controlled the tempo and evenntually the result almost perfectly.
  9. Jnor

    GAGR Pre-Bled Meetup - potentially FREE BEER

    Keen as mustard. Going with friends/family (7 of us) so wrangling everyone may be a difficult exercise
  10. Jnor

    good tv shows i havent seen?

    I hear it's one month or so until BREAKING MOTHERFUCKING BAD is back!!!
  11. Jnor

    Great Articles

    Meant to post this the other day when I came across it. One of the best rugby articles I've read anywhere. http://www.washingtonpost.com/sf/feature/wp/2013/06/22/a-coachs-painful-farewell-to-a-rugby-program-he-built-and-the-players-he-loves/
  12. Jnor

    Wallabies: Latest Injuries and selection for Test 3

    Anyone know how Izzy pulled up last night?
  13. Jnor

    GAGR MOTM - Wallabies vs BIL Test 3

    3. Moore 2. Mowen 1. Horwill
  14. Jnor

    Australia v British & Irish Lions, 3rd Test (Sydney)

    You may well be right but was it just me or was Corbisiero angling in at about 45 degrees on every single scrum?
  15. Jnor

    G&GR - MOTM Wallabies V Lions 2nd test Melbourne 29/06/2013

    3. Genia 2. Moore 1. Lilo HM to Mowen, Kev, AAC (Adam Ashley-Cooper)
  16. Jnor

    Australia vs British and Irish Lions 2nd Test (Melbourne)

    From the Wobs twitter Not sure about Mogg or Taps tho I guess there's not much choice. But George!!!!
  17. Jnor

    G&GR Man of the Match - Lions 1st Test

    3. Folau 2. Genia 1. Mowen -10. O'Connor
  18. Jnor

    James O'Connor signs with West Harbour. WTF?

    Whatever money is there it can't be much from Club Burwood, has anyone here seen that place?
  19. Jnor

    good tv shows i havent seen?

    Ah been meaning to mention Hell on Wheels - saw an ep on abc2 and couldnt remember what the hell it was called. What's the consensus - worth a dig?