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  1. Crow

    How to watch all RWC games?

    foxtel have an equivalent page: https://www.foxtel.com.au/watch/rugby-world-cup-fixtures.html
  2. Crow

    ARU wants to select who coaches

    Cynic? I prefer the term "optimist".
  3. Crow

    Reds v Waratahs Rd 18 2012

    Like a wallabies scrum, it was painful on the way down.
  4. Crow

    G&GR Wallaby Player of the Year: v WAL (3rd test)

    3 - Pocock 2 - Barnes 1 - Palu
  5. Crow

    G&GR Wallaby Player of the Year: v SCO

    3. Palmer 2. Moore 1. Dennis This is all from memory, I should take another look at the test, but can't.
  6. Crow

    Scrum Talk

    Tight shirts are worn specifically because they're hard to get a hold on, for the purposes of the tackle and ruck. Also, if one team managed to tighten their shirts before a scrum, they would have an advantage, as their opponent would be more likely to be pinged for not binding. So it's in the...
  7. Crow

    Waratahs 2012

    I'd prefer to play well and in an entertaining manner and lose.
  8. Crow

    Waratahs 2012

    It's happening again, isn't it. In 4 weeks time we'll be down to a 3 backs, a forward and 2 ball boys. And even the ball boys will be carrying injuries.
  9. Crow

    ARU politics

    That could make the post-cup review very interesting.
  10. Crow

    ARU politics

    I think I would be more concerned if I had a manager with neither skills that were valued by others or the ambition to chase opportunity.
  11. Crow

    Western Force 2012

    Speaking of which, we're skipping the Tahs Crusader's game to catch David Guetta at creamfields. Except Bruce. Complained about too much House, not enough Trance, or something.
  12. Crow

    Pic needs a caption

    Mrs Hampstead's Year 4 Girl's class were thrilled to learn that they had won the SF jersey competition. The players less so.
  13. Crow

    Rebels 2012

    It's a big step up from the mo, Good to see that the Melbournites have put the foot down on men's facial hair early.
  14. Crow

    Men behaving badly

    Satire: A form of humour apparently totally missed by GAGR forumites.
  15. Crow

    Waratahs 2012

    Especially as they're expected to show up at a primary school the next morning :)
  16. Crow

    Thurston for Wallabies' Kicking Coach?

    Wasn't Halligan the Force kicking coach until this year?
  17. Crow

    2011 Spring Tour

    P: Alexander Kepu Ma'afu Slipper Palmer H: Fainga'a Moore TPN (Tatafu Polota-Nau) Super Rugby: Horwill Sharpe Simmons Dennis Timani BR: Higginbotham Hodgson McCalman Pocock Samo Robinson 1/2: Genia Phipps 5/8: Barnes Stannard (Beale) C: AAC (Adam Ashley-Cooper) Fainga'a Horne B3: Ioane JOC (James O'Connor) Turner (Mitchell) Davies If Mitchell and Beale can...
  18. Crow

    2011 Spring Tour

    There's already a fair bit of utility available. I'd take the option to develop a 'specialist' (to the extent that there are specialist backs in the game anymore).
  19. Crow

    2011 Spring Tour

    Ma'afu's last game was quite decent and I'd consider him worth taking. I think Palmer's also worth taking, if only to see if someone can get him jogging around the field. Another lock will be required. Dennis? He's been on tour before. I'd like to see Beau go to Europe, but I'm not sure on the...
  20. Crow

    IRB Rankings post RWC2011

    Points are exchanged on the basis of the difference in points. Beat a higher ranked team and get lots of points, a lower ranked team and get a few points, a much lower team (e.g. Aus vs. Scotland, or NZ vs. England) and you don't get any. Wales dropped because they lost to France, who was...