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  1. Titch

    NSW AAGPS 2021

    I would like to share my stats to date: Aust Schoolboys (1969-2019) excluding Australian A / Barbarians Joeys 96 (45 Wallabies) Kings 42 (27) Scots 39 (23) View 31 (10) New 29 (26) Shore 18 (18) High 16 (21) Grammar 4 (31) the last schoolboy rep in 2005 Total CAS schoolboys reps...
  2. Titch

    Australian Schoolboys & National Championships 2018

    If anyone has the Australian Barbarian lineup and the scorers against Tonga Schoolboys, would be much appreciated
  3. Titch

    Official Sean McMahon Bandwagon Thread

    Does anyone by chance know Sean McMahon's full name?
  4. Titch

    2014 IRB Junior World Championship – New Zealand

    Almanda Motuga scored the try in the second match but I was searching the scorer for the first match and apparently #14 scored the try. Does anyone know?
  5. Titch

    2014 IRB Junior World Championship – New Zealand

    Thx backrowmum.
  6. Titch

    2014 IRB Junior World Championship – New Zealand

    If anyone has the full lineup of Aus U20 team against Samoa in the second match, could you please reply. Also the Samoan player who scored the try in the first match. Thanking you in advance.
  7. Titch

    ACT - Stand alone ASC

    Thanks for you help Angrydog. I'll try to contact the schools and see what there responses are.
  8. Titch

    ACT - Stand alone ASC

    Angrydog & Meeks, It seems both of you are experts in ACT schools rugby and I would like to ask you some questions. I collating information on schools rugby across Australia and I can't seem to find too much info for ACT compare to other states such as GPS, CAS, ISA etc. I was wodnering if...
  9. Titch

    John Eales' charge down kick

    Question: Please reply if you know that match where John Eales charged down and stopped a conversion? Also who the kicker was?