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  1. dobduff11

    QLD Premier Rugby 2016

    Not sure if anyone has seen this yet but its a highlights video of Stefano Hunt playing for GPS this year. Anyone know of his whereabouts for next year?
  2. dobduff11

    JOC (James O'Connor) Gooonne

    I remember reading a comment a few years back about JOC (James O'Connor) going to TSS before Nudgee. Does anyone know if this is true? I know his brothers both went to Southport
  3. dobduff11

    JOC (James O'Connor) Gooonne

    Just a reminder of his talents at school...
  4. dobduff11

    For Sale: One Test 10

    Found this the other day and thought it was quite poignant... "O'Connor's only worry ahead of tonight's debut chance was getting to the plane on time when the Force flew out of Perth on Wednesday. So spooked was he by the no-show of his taxi, O'Connor hopped on his pushbike and sped to...
  5. dobduff11

    Australian Schoolboys & National Championships 2012

    Curtis Browning: Aus u20 squad member PAE: Melbourne Rebels squad member Jordan Taupou: Aus 7s Rohan Saifoloi: Aus u20s last year plays for Southern Districts CFS: Reds and Aus u20s Tyson Frizell: St George Illawarra Dragons and Wales Not sure about the other three
  6. dobduff11

    Tapuai to Melbourne?

    JOC (James O'Connor)'s best position is 12, as someone else said he overplays his hand at 10 and isn't as good a distributor as Quade or Kurtley. In 2007 for Qld Schools, To'omua played 10, Tapuai at 12 and JOC (James O'Connor) at 13. It would be interesting to see how JOC (James O'Connor) would play at 13 in a few matches if played alongside...
  7. dobduff11

    Julian Savea

    Bit of a gun at schools level:
  8. dobduff11

    2012 IRB Junior World Championship

    The england pack is alright but not as big or accomplished as last year, Sinckler, Twomey, Merrick and Clifford are all quality players. Have played against Sinckler and Clifford since I was about 12, good to see a couple of surrey boys at the JWC. Hill is not as good as Mills, doubt he will...
  9. dobduff11

    Brumbies 2012

    He played a fair few games for us at 10 in the year we (Lirish) got to the Guinness Premiership final. Was a good fill in at first and a decent change from Geraghty's inconsistent play but towards the end of his stint at 10 he put in a couple of shockers!! Fan favourite in his time at the...
  10. dobduff11

    Australian Hayden Smith to NFL

    Quite a few basketball players have made the transition to tight end as quality receiving options, Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzales being the two notable code switchers. I dont know how quick or how good his hands are but he could feasibly just line up as an extra receiver rather than a blocker...
  11. dobduff11

    Rugby Players that started in Soccer (ahem Association Football)

    Aidan Toua played Soccer when he was younger and then got into Rugby at Churchie. Danny Cipriani played for QPR academy I think as well as county Cricket. Paul Sackey, David Strettle and a few other English players were academy Soccer players first, Cueto as well I think.
  12. dobduff11

    Western Force 2012

    Seems pretty decent...
  13. dobduff11

    Pacific Rugby Cup

    How did Stef Hunt go qwerty?
  14. dobduff11

    Quade Coopers Recovery

    I'll be very interested to see how he progresses on the stepping front!! In the NFL they always talk about an 18 month recovery after an ACL recon, saying that Running backs dont get back to their sharpest before then.
  15. dobduff11

    2012 6 Nations

    Agreed that was Priestlands worst game at 10 for Wales! I watched him play for the Scarlets a few years ago and it seemed he just didn't have the temparent to make it even at Heineken Cup level. Then a couple of years later he had a few quality games at 15 and then hopped in to 10 for both the...
  16. dobduff11

    2012 6 Nations

    The Six nations hasn't really opened up as of yet especially not for England! Farrell showed promise at 10 and his composure for a 20 year old is pretty impressive! Warburton is a bit of a freak tbh, the tackle on Tuilagi 5m from the line was ridiculous! I have a feeling the Celtic nations...
  17. dobduff11

    S15: Australia dont have depth

    He made many of us chuckle along the way though!! This was a classic...
  18. dobduff11

    3-2-1 Brumbies v Force

    Brumbies 3. Mogg 2. Lilo 1. White Force 3. Mafi 2. Stannard 1. Hodgson
  19. dobduff11

    3-2-1 Waratahs vs Reds

    Reds 3. Tapuai 2. Harris 1. Hanson Tah's 3. Pretorius 2. Douglas 1. Palu
  20. dobduff11

    Rebels 2012

    "On a side note, the Blues back 3 looks incredible to absurdly good. Who was the large Fijian looking bloke wearing 14 now Roks is gone" He looked pretty handy tbf!! From a brief search I think its David Raikuna, North Harbour winger.