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  1. neilc

    Rugby News from unexpected places

    Interesting article about the US MLR and some of the behind the scenes issues: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/oct/21/major-league-rugby-us-glendale-raptors-withdrawal
  2. neilc

    QLD Premier Rugby 2020

    Reds players are okay, as they have been part of the Qld season even if unable to play earlier. I think the rules are meant to stop parachuting in players from overseas/interstate at the last moment, which is why Mowen missed out last year as he hadn't been back long enough UQ were deserved...
  3. neilc

    QLD Premier Rugby 2020

    Based on the wording in the QPR program "GPS have also been bolstered by the inclusion of some of their Reds representatives this weekend, with Tuania Tualima, Jack Straker and former Western Force and Australian Sevens player Junior Rosalea making their return in the blue and green" I would say...
  4. neilc

    QLD Premier Rugby 2020

    Great win by Easts over Brothers 15-13 - real nailbiter with Brothers missing a conversion to tie it up with 2 minutes to play. A few unexpected results, at least for my tipping - Bond beat UQ despite all those Reds players returning, Souths beat Wests. Final table: Easts 33 UQ 33 Bond 31 GPS 29
  5. neilc

    Reds 2021

    Potentially they won't be long with the Rebels/Brumbies and will end up in Japan if they follow the Piccone blueprint.
  6. neilc

    QLD Premier Rugby 2020

    Thanks for your efforts with this Jets. A couple of tricky picks this weekend - Souths v Norths and Bond v GPS, not sure on either of those.
  7. neilc

    Super Rugby Rnd 2 2020 Lions v Reds @ Jo'burg - Sunday 12:05am AEDT

    Chapman was impressive in the NRC, I hadn't really seen him before that but he looked really good. I checked the Reds team page and they only seem to have the 3 HBs listed (Tate, Moses, Scott M) with no details of WTS players so not sure who is in the fold.
  8. neilc

    Super Rugby Rnd 2 2020 Lions v Reds @ Jo'burg - Sunday 12:05am AEDT

    Maloula is out for a while isn't he? Is there a 3rd halfback in the meantime? Tate is very busy and trying hard but if he was injured then it is scary. Apart from scrummaging and tackling the Reds didn't seem to have too much of a game plan in this one - maybe the conditions? Speight's...
  9. neilc

    Super Rugby Rnd 2 2020 Lions v Reds @ Jo'burg - Sunday 12:05am AEDT

    I had forgotten about him, where did he end up?
  10. neilc

    Super Rugby Rd2 2020: Brumbies v Rebels

    Brumbies are looking impressive - seemed ready to pounce on every loose ball and immediately go forward with no hesitation. Samu was very good. I am liking the 10, for a young guy playing his 2nd game he is looking composed, I hope he continues to develop. Rebels came back well, I wasn't...
  11. neilc

    Reds 2020

    Good point re the backs - Brock James I wondered if it was just a time issue - didn't have long enough in Super Rugby game time to develop and show what he could do maybe as he has certainly been a big success in France. Maybe it's the change in environment - if they have been part of the system in Oz -...
  12. neilc

    Reds 2020

    I think some of the power forwards like Timu shine more in the NH due to the conditions - heavier grounds, slower game suits them. Timu was pretty effective in the collisions.
  13. neilc

    Reds 2020

    Wasn't Paisami in trouble in Melbourne re an assault in 2018 when he was part of the Rebels?
  14. neilc

    Reds 2020

    Scott Maloula would be an international exception too - he is capped by Samoa.
  15. neilc

    Reds 2020

    Was Chapman the fairly tall halfback for Brisbane City in the NRC? He looked very good if it is, good to see guys like that getting the opportunity.
  16. neilc

    Wallabies 2020

    Dave Rennie is a very good coach of skills and has a background of developing players through age group and Super Rugby. No motivational rev ups, just improve the core skills. He is a very good choice after what we have had.
  17. neilc

    Wallabies 2019 Thread

    That was always the risk of keeping him in cotton wool all year to protect him for the WC, he just hasn't had the game time to get in his groove.
  18. neilc

    Global Rapid Rugby

    If NSWRU are genuinely open to WSR opening in Western Sydney but think it is too short notice then they should work with Minderoo to spend a year doing development work for the team (building the brand, recruiting players etc) so that the supporters there can have a team to start being...
  19. neilc

    Waratahs 2019

    I suspect Cheika has intimated to AAC (Adam Ashley-Cooper) that he wants him for the WC but needs to be playing Super Rugby to justify the selection.
  20. neilc

    The Wallabies Thread

    I wondered that too. I think that supports the argument for not bringing guys back for short stints where they have to go back and forth. Australia just have to bear the pain of developing a few young local hookers.