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  1. Cutter

    Single Speed Conversion

    Good luck Timmsy. A big job. I have a lovely steel frame from 1980 that I've been intending to convert into a fixie for over 3 years. The best resource, if you haven't already found it, is Sheldon Brown http://sheldonbrown.com/fixed-conversion.html. I'm not sure if his could be regarded as...
  2. Cutter

    George Smith will be the Wallabies danger man v the Lions because....

    It might be too late for your submission Gagger, but one Smith's key traits is his ability to make telling contributions at key moments in games. When the game is there to be won or lost, great players step up to make a difference. Smith is one of those. Contrast with some of the more celebrated...
  3. Cutter

    Conservatism and intelligence

    Very condescending of you. It is a simplistic prism through which you and Scotty view complex issues. It is not contradictory to recognise that this is a far more nuanced area than you appreciate. Economic growth is not the panacea for inequity. There comes a point in an advanced economy where...
  4. Cutter

    Learning from the enemy – an affordable Third Tier competition

    Clearly a Herculean task Bruce. What were you being punished for?
  5. Cutter

    Conservatism and intelligence

    Well that's that then. Thanks Scotty, brilliant.
  6. Cutter

    Conservatism and intelligence

    The point I'm getting to is that economic growth isn't, alone, a rational goal. Joe Mac wants us to push towards prosperity but won't commit to what that means. You said its all about happiness. Academics have mapped the relationship between economic growth and happiness and happiness does not...
  7. Cutter

    Conservatism and intelligence

    Scotty there are academics who argue about what happiness is and how to measure it so it's not an unreasonable question. It's actually something that is worth thinking about as well.
  8. Cutter

    Greatest forum in the world

    While funny, it has to be a piss take.
  9. Cutter

    New political party like the Lib-Dems

    A party genuinely in the centre of the political spectrum or between the ALP and LNP coalition? If the latter, no. If the former, possibly.
  10. Cutter

    Conservatism and intelligence

    What do you mean by happiness?
  11. Cutter

    Le Tour 2012

    The answer is a second Australian team next year with Evans, Rogers, Porte and other non-OGE riders who are aiming for GC. OGE goes for points through Goss, Renshaw et al. We don't have any real mountain goats though.
  12. Cutter

    Conservatism and intelligence

    And do you agree that all the other things, fairness, equality, legal system etc should work so as to maximise happiness?
  13. Cutter

    Carbon Tax

    To be hoped they don't become more efficient or grow. They'll need to close down for a month or more. Where will it end?
  14. Cutter

    Conservatism and intelligence

    Base word is prosper which means: To be fortunate or successful, especially in terms of one's finances; thrive. What is it that you mean by prosperity?
  15. Cutter

    The Climate Change Thread

    On a more fundamental level, isn't Pythagoras' theorem an example of A and B alone not correlating with C but together they do?
  16. Cutter

    Conservatism and intelligence

    What do you mean by prosperity?
  17. Cutter

    Carbon Tax

    Yep, baby bonus, carbon handouts etc. It's not about policy, it's about news cycles and votes. Without defending this handout, had Abbott not exaggerated the effect of the carbon tax, the news cycles and votes wouldn't have needed (and certainly not to the same degree) to be bought. A good...
  18. Cutter

    Conservatism and intelligence

    Which is what?
  19. Cutter

    Conservatism and intelligence

    Scotty and Joe Mac, what are you hoping to achieve with economic growth?
  20. Cutter

    How long will Quade get?

    A lot of whining going on here. If Foley had been suspended and Cooper got off, would we have made it to 13 pages? Also, and in the interests of trumping the Carter/Byrnes thread... Compare the level of whining for each of: 1. Cooper's non-malicious but careless tackle on Barnes which...