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  1. Lindommer

    Australian Bid for 2027 World Cup

    I've lived in Sydney man and boy since 1965 (apart from six years penance in Brisbane) and been to nearly every sporting stadium on the east coast, but, buggered if I know where a 65k seater is in Bankstown. Possibly the new Parramatta stadium? The grounds I see relevant for a RWC bid are...
  2. Lindommer

    COVID-19 Stuff Here

    ff, One America News Network as a reputable media source, God spare me. If you haven't worked out by now it's full of conspiracy theorists and RWNJs, well, I give up. It's on the same level of medical advice as Craig Kelly, Clive Palmer and George Christensen advocating hydroxychloroquine, ie...
  3. Lindommer

    COVID-19 Stuff Here

    That's Dean's opinion. He was outvoted 2 to 1 in a very important FWC decision re compulsory vaccination or dismissal in April. Read here: https://www.fwc.gov.au/documents/decisionssigned/html/2021fwcfb6015.htm?fbclid=IwAR3P4foZEuGhRpYB62loO2KedjqSQ42MHHKA7opmb5lSns9rKDlXUyw_dP8
  4. Lindommer

    Waratahs 2022

    What Lee Grant used to term a "halfling".
  5. Lindommer

    Wallabies 2021

    I seem to recall Kellaway playing quite a few minutes at fullback when he was at the Tahs.
  6. Lindommer

    Wallabies v Argentina Sat 2 October CBus Stadium

    Does any body know when/where this game might be replayed? Watched it on 9GEM as I don't have Stan.
  7. Lindommer

    NSW AAGPS 2021

    Stiffen up, Joker. I finished there in 1970 and my one and only young bloke in 2008 (after a coupla his cousins), and I'm still here. There are many posters who aren't parents of young rugger buggers.
  8. Lindommer

    How to delete a spam conversation?

  9. Lindommer

    COVID-19 Stuff Here

    HE'S DONE IT! 200,000, A WONDERFUL ACHIEVEMENT. Don, take a bow. America, always the best.
  10. Lindommer

    COVID-19 Stuff Here

    Septics closing in on 200,000, a magnificent achievement. The Donald should be very proud of himself.
  11. Lindommer

    Wallabies 2020

    Big Pone should be nowhere near a gold jumper this year, or next. He's incredibly green and palpably unfit. 23 year old pops should rarely be picked, especially in their debut seasons.
  12. Lindommer

    Wine thread

    Ditto for me, B.
  13. Lindommer

    Australian Rugby / RA

    Lewis Roberts-Thomson was number 8 in the Shore First XV in 2001, and he played rather well. He was also playing AFL somewhere at the time as well as doing an apprenticeship at the Swans. There was another Shore boy, Henry Playfair from Holbrook, at the same time as LRT who played for Geelong...
  14. Lindommer

    Waratahs 2020

    And now, Simmons. At least they've got some green in their club colours.
  15. Lindommer

    Super Rugby AU 2020 - The Run Home

    Force/Tahs match is scheduled for CBus Stadium at Robina. Tahs play their remaining three matches on the Gold Coast, in Canberra and finishing up at Brookvale. Unless, of course, we're banned from entering Queensland.......... Surely we can win two out of that three. :cool:
  16. Lindommer

    Wallabies Coach QUiz

    Be nice if Macqueen's name was spelt correctly, Stumped me for a coupla minutes.
  17. Lindommer

    NSW AAGPS 2020

    Not necessarily. The relevant law was changed in the early 2000s to allow the ref to appoint an official timekeeper. Check Law 5.4.
  18. Lindommer

    Australian Rugby / RA

    Not this one. If I had my way, Kearns, Horan, Martin and Gregan would be put out to pasture; replacements'd start with Maloney and McArdle. Other suggestions gratefully received.
  19. Lindommer

    COVID-19 Stuff Here

    137,400 dead in America, hurtling towards 140k and not a word of sense on the subject from the orange idiot, other than a request from the tooth fairy for it to "just disappear". Tragic.
  20. Lindommer

    NSW AAGPS 2020

    That piece belongs in the Qld GPS rugby thread.