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  1. yourmatesam

    Southern Inland Rugby 2022

    Check out this thread for all the latest and greatest for the 2022 Season :) Cheers, Sam
  2. yourmatesam

    Southern Inland Rugby 2021

    This is a coronavirus free zone. Get your 2021 groove on in here folks.
  3. yourmatesam

    SR Trial Rebels v Brumbies 23JAN20 Greenfield Park Albury 345pm

    Great work by the Albury Steamers to have secured the "Battle of the Border" down on the river next week, there are loads of events on around these two matches - Sportsmen's Lunch, Foundation Course, plenty of local press and "meet and greet" opportunities. Check out the Steamer's FB page for...
  4. yourmatesam

    Southern Inland Rugby 2020

    Catch up on the latest and greatest for the #SIRU2020 Season here... We're starting to see some club announcements making the rounds for coaching etc. SIRU AGM is set down for 24NOV19 11am at Shimano's. No doubt we'll see some more information coming out of clubs leading into the zone AGM... :)
  5. yourmatesam

    Southern Inland Rugby 2019

    Post all your 2019 thoughts and ideas in here guys.
  6. yourmatesam

    Southern Inland Rugby 2018

    This is the spot for all the latest and greatest for the #SIRU2018 season. Who's in and who's out? What are your thoughts for 2018? Post away folks.....
  7. yourmatesam

    Southern Inland Rugby 2017

    Righto folks, let's start talking about the 2017 season...
  8. yourmatesam

    Southern Inland Rugby 2016

    Welcome to the 2016 version of the GAGR universe, what are your thoughts on the 2016 season? The major discussion point for the 2016 season has got to be competition format. What does the future hold for the SIRU competition with the proposals floating around at the moment? The have also...
  9. yourmatesam

    Southern Inland Rugby 2015

    THE place to come for the latest and greatest on player movements, rumours, results and previews for the SIRU Competition in 2015. Sign up and start posting, there's only 28 weeks to go until the season kicks off!
  10. yourmatesam

    Dismal Pillock

    Deserves a run on the front page somewhere. I have no idea how or where, but this guy deserves some space on GAGR. Discuss.
  11. yourmatesam

    Southern Inland Rugby 2014

    Ok SIRU Fans, post your #SIRU2014 thoughts, predictions and rumours here!
  12. yourmatesam

    Referee Comms Systems

    Continuing with the recent trend of Referee specific articles on GAGR recently, here's on for the referees who post on this sensational forum. What referee comms system have you used? What are the benefits of it? What system do you use regularly? How do you find using comms? Do you have any...
  13. yourmatesam

    Southern Inland Rugby 2013

    Post your SIRU 2013 thoughts, gossip and ideas in here, check back weekly for updates as the season gets underway. Any mail on 2013 Coach and Player movements? Reddies lose a few, Tahs and Griffith have new coaches (Hugh Palmer and Lee Kimball respectively), what's happening down on the...
  14. yourmatesam


    Having grown up in South Western NSW, I've always referred to those person's from South of the border as "Mexicans" and thought that this was the accepted "National Standard" if you like. I have noticed some "Banana Benders" calling "Chain Rattlers" "Mexicans" on GAGR. Is it ok for...
  15. yourmatesam

    Aussie Towns Trivia

    Hey fellas, something to bide the time over the off season... Game rules are as follows: 1 - Town/Suburb must start with the last letter of the previous town/suburb. 2 - Include Trivia (fact or fiction) where possible. I'll kick things off with: Wagga Wagga - Home of the Chiko Roll
  16. yourmatesam

    Southern Inland Rugby 2012

    Righto, now for the silly season... Following the post season celebrations, there has already been some considerable movement at the station as far as coaching goes. There are also player movements out of the zone that will make the competition much closer next season (particularly bring...
  17. yourmatesam

    Home Theatre Setups/Advice

    Hey folks, I'm trying to get a home theatre PC, server etc going at home so i can record HDTV etc. We've got three TV's and a PC at home and i want to set up the ability to record Austar and TV, download movies and watch them on one of our TV's. Also, with the teenager of the house, there...
  18. yourmatesam

    G&GR RWC Fantasy League

    Anyone interested in setting up a RWC Fantasy Tipping Comp? I don't have the smarts to do it, but am interested in joining if someone sets one up... <edit> Name = Green and Gold Rugby Code = 3524-4072
  19. yourmatesam

    Sydney Tah Williams

    http://www.smh.com.au/rugby-union/union-news/waratahs-on-alert-as-sonny-bill-signing-is-questioned-20110809-1ikzd.html Thoughts anyone?
  20. yourmatesam

    Level 3 Coaches . . .

    What are your thoughts about Level 3 Coaches? In previous years, nominations were sought from club/rep teams, the ARU selected the blokes they thought fit the mould and away they went on the L3 course (12 month program involving in depth analysis of the game). It seems, this year (possibly...