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  1. Highlander35

    Concussions and Protecting Our Players

    Following Rugby players (and ex players) on Twitter is some of the best evidence for CTE out there.
  2. Highlander35

    Rugby Championship 2021

    Hopefully WR appeals.
  3. Highlander35

    World 12s

    I think it'll run for a maximum of 3 seasons as ambitioned, being very underwhelming commercially, and not offering anything we haven't seen before with 10s. A handful of players (mostly MLR, JRLO, Sevens and Super Rugby players picking up their first European contracts) will make bank screwing...
  4. Highlander35

    Where to for Super Rugby?

    So Aus teams play H&A against each other (8) and H or A against everyone else (7). If NZ teams do the same, what do MP and the Drua do after they've played everyone once? Play each other another 4 times?
  5. Highlander35

    Where to for Super Rugby?

    Nice to see it's only a 2 year commitment. Still particularly interesting to me that despite no longer having a South Africa/Argentina tour each team is still playing 2 fewer games than we did in the 15 team and 18 team models, despite the fact that 2 extra games gives the full sweep of derbies...
  6. Highlander35

    Wallabies 2021

    What year is it?
  7. Highlander35

    2nd Test Wallabies v France 8pmTuesday 13th July,

    Day 13 Negative and being released at midnight, for anyone interested in knowing. Hope that's the same for you DC.
  8. Highlander35

    2nd Test Wallabies v France 8pmTuesday 13th July,

    Honestly mate, the specifics haven't been communicated to me, I tested negative before they had a chance to speak to me and contact trace, at which point they were entirely unconcerned with tracing individuals and locations from Wed/Thu, negative = non- infectious it seems. Regardless, I had...
  9. Highlander35

    2nd Test Wallabies v France 8pmTuesday 13th July,

    Best of luck mate. Make sure that (a) You call them to get shit rolling, it took them 40+ hours to get to me, and that gets stuff started with respect to support, correspondence between testing results, release date documents etc. and (b) everyone in your household knows that they're secondary...
  10. Highlander35

    2nd Test Wallabies v France 8pmTuesday 13th July,

    Test ASAP (8.40am this morning after a text at 10.30pm last night), 14 days home Iso (effectively until 11.59pm on the 26th) even with negative test, a call will come in the next day or two presumably seeking specific contact tracing details in the event of current/future positive, household...
  11. Highlander35

    2nd Test Wallabies v France 8pmTuesday 13th July,

    Best wishes to anyone else being told they were tier 1 like myself. Everyone is as unsurprised as I am as to our positive case being a Private Boys School "Staff Member", yes?
  12. Highlander35

    Rebels 2022

  13. Highlander35

    Where to for Super Rugby?

    Something else to consider is that whatever is created only has to "survive" for 3 or 4 seasons. 2025 should be a BILs tour and 2027 should be a Home World Cup. Both of which should provide a boost, both to financials and domestic interest to reinvest in, and potentially expand whatever...
  14. Highlander35

    Broadcast options for Australian Rugby

    The Studio to Distributor link that online streaming provides makes me doubt a content aggregator will appear again without a huge shift in either regulation, technology, cost or consumer behaviour.
  15. Highlander35


    3 locks in the squad but 2 locks on the bench :confused: Debuts for Tonumaipea (completely forget he signed for us tbh) and Vudogo on the backs bench
  16. Highlander35

    SR T-T R4: Chiefs v Rebels

    No inside knowledge, but in the absence of an news of an injury, could he possibly be doing a mini preseason or something leading into the test season? idk, just thinking outside the box.
  17. Highlander35

    SR T-T R4: Chiefs v Rebels

    1 week of Rob playing really really well at 6, and straight back to lock. I loath it
  18. Highlander35

    Aussie Player Exodus

    Sione Tuipulotu named in Extended Scotland/Scotland A Squad for Mid Year Fixtures https://www.scottishrugby.org/news/scotland-name-37-players-for-summer-fixtures
  19. Highlander35

    Rebels 2021

    It's amazing how much better we look structurally when To'omua isn't the sole playmaker and we have bigger dynamic runners in the centers and forwards. Still falling off far too many tackles.