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  1. RedsHappy

    John Hipwell - RIP

    One of the greats has passed away. Some of you here will surely remember him, in his era and still, a truly outstanding rugby halfback. See also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Hipwell Rugby mourning John Hipwell By JAMES GARDINER Sept. 24, 2013, 2:15 p.m. The Newcastle Herald...
  2. RedsHappy

    The Greatest of Coaches: 'Ferguson's Formula'

    Can I commend to anyone interested in the power and impact that truly great coaching can have upon a team or sports code, the following excellent Harvard Business Review interview/discussion with the peerless Sir Alex Ferguson: http://hbr.org/2013/10/fergusons-formula/ar/1 Btw, I hope Link...
  3. RedsHappy

    Sir Clive's Views on Wallaby Kicking

    For those of us very concerned over years of Wallaby teams having erratic - and potentially Test match losing - kicking performances, both place and from hand, I thought some input today from Sir Ciive might enrich the debate...
  4. RedsHappy

    Bledisloe Ticket Prices: Suncorp 2012

    Today, I bought my two tickets for the Oct 20 Bled at Suncorp. Platinum: $189 (!), Gold $159, Silver $119. These 3 bands would represent a large majority of the seating plan. Gee, I think these prices in today's economy are really tempting fate that total seats sold may fall and, even more...
  5. RedsHappy

    Reds v Hurricanes: June 15: Sunshine Coast

    An update on Ewen's planning for this match, which I for one am looking forward to! 'Canes have troubled the Reds in recent years. CFS, LG and Frisby of course are in RSA.
  6. RedsHappy

    ARU Considering Player Transfer Window

    Admittedly I have been an advocate of this big time, but it's great to see some ARU common sense likely to be applied to Aus S15 player transfers:
  7. RedsHappy

    Australia's Unique Player Contracting System

    This article highlights a number of issues with our 'innovative' and 'unique' multi-layered new player contracting system, linked as it is to further complexities with the RUPA and the Collective Bargaining Agreement and generally reduced squad numbers on ARU-enforced cost cutting grounds.
  8. RedsHappy

    "Inside the Chiefs' Revolution"

    I found this article interesting, discovered over breakfast this morning in Auckland. How to radically rebuild a team that had under performed. Shows how often totally new approaches, coaches, and player purges are essential (amongst other things of course): Rugby: Inside the Chiefs'...
  9. RedsHappy

    New and Better 2012+ Robbie-isms

    I'm excited! Not only do we have a new Wallabies Test season about to start, just as tantalisingly we can again plot the course of one of most enjoyable aspects of such seasons under our fearless national coach - the unfolding array of pure Robbie-isms derived from media conferences and the...
  10. RedsHappy

    QRU Annual Report 2011

    There's an enormous amount of informative material in here re Reds and the whole of QLD rugby: http://www.redsrugby.com.au/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=6i33j2L4QLU%3d&tabid=654
  11. RedsHappy

    Jake White: Next Wallaby Coach 2014+?

    An interesting scenario is building, slowly but palpably. JW has repeatably said that some day he'd like to return to national coaching. Assuming he continues the current excellent, positive trajectory he's creating with the Brumbies and that our dear Robbie parts these shores in late 2013...
  12. RedsHappy

    SH Nations Preparations for June Tests

    SA laying down 3 separate planning camps up until early May for June Tests, 31 players in camp 1: Heyneke names planning camp squad 12 April 2012, 14:06 SuperSport.com Springbok coach Heyneke Meyer has named a group of players that will be attending the first planning camp in Pretoria next...
  13. RedsHappy

    BIL Tour 2013: Wallaby Squad Strategy & Plans

    Some of us were intrigued to read just this week that the ARU has decided - on economic viability grounds - to prune the number of contracted Wallabies back to 32 only. Then Nuci and RD will decide the $ size of each player's contract within that quota. None of this seemed to attract too much...
  14. RedsHappy

    QRU: $2m Surplus for 2011: ARU Repaid 2 Years Early

    This is posted solely in celebration of competent franchise management and success for a heartland of Australian rugby, where sustained failure would have been fatal:
  15. RedsHappy

    The Early Years of Californian Rugby, with Aussies

    A gem of an article: http://www.theroar.com.au/2012/04/04/aussie-rugby-california-dreamin/ Did you know the history of the 'Kangaroo Waratahs'?
  16. RedsHappy

    Did Wallabies' 2011 EOYT hurt Aus Conf 2012 S15?

    This is all speculation, but it does seem worth discussing given we were the only S15 country to conduct late 2011 EOYTs.
  17. RedsHappy

    Gradual Unfurling of New Wallaby Coaches

    We all await with excitement and bated breath for the public release of the 'independent' review the ARU has conducted (via ARU Board members and Nucifora) of/into its own and the Wallabies' RWC 2011 performance. This report was 'discussed' at the ARU's Board meeting of February 24. As GAGR's...
  18. RedsHappy

    "Queensland Rugby Records its Largest Growth in History"

    I apologise if this has in the past been posted, I just picked it up today. In the context of our ongoing debate re growing (or shrinking) the code in Australia, and the relative importance of S15 teams doing well AND installing competent business and code development management within a State...
  19. RedsHappy

    Thurston for Wallabies' Kicking Coach?

    Might be worth considering, when you can do this more than once, and with stiff winds: http://www.smh.com.au/rugby-league/league-news/bend-it-like-thurston-kangaroo-stuns-mates-with-curling-kicks-20111027-1mkz1.html ;)