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  1. Ozzie Bob

    Sydney Subbies 2018

    With 2017 season all done and dusted it's time to look to 2018. It will be a very interesting season. How will Hunters Hill do in Div 1? Will St Pats end up in Div 2 and clean up? I will say most clubs that have been relegated from the top division don't bounce back straight away. What will...
  2. Ozzie Bob

    2015 Bobs

    Tough first round against the defending premiers, but it will be a good way to start the season! All the best in round one Bobies!
  3. Ozzie Bob

    Div 2 24.05.14

    What happened in 1st grade over the weekend with all the cards given out. Hunters Hill had 2 players yellow card and one red vs St Ives Lindfield had 4 yellow cards (All backs by the way) vs Newport Brothers had one player yellow carded against Barker. That has to be some kind of record...
  4. Ozzie Bob

    Great start to the season!

    Well done boys on a great start to the season. Keep it going!