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  1. mark_s

    Cricket Summer of 2014/15

    I had the pleasure of attending the Bradman gala dinner last night and hearing both tendulkar and waugh speak. Both were fascinating, Waugh still exudes confidence and competitiveness. Tendulkar was very impressive, its a pity he doesn't speak in public more as his knowledge, perspective and...
  2. mark_s

    2013 Ashes Part I

    So the Ashes squad for the away series is due to be annouced today, although rumour is that some people may be added to it later on. We are set to have a new VC after Watson stood down to allow the ACB to start its succession planning. Looks like the first step of the succession planning is...
  3. mark_s

    3rd test Aus V SA, Perth 30 Nov to 4 Dec

    If you were to draw a trendline you would predict Aus to win the third test given the results of the first two. Yet, somewhat strangely, despite having to work hard to stave off defeat yesterday, it feels like SA have the momentum going into the 3rd test and that the short turn around will...
  4. mark_s

    Line out strategies

    I noticed in a couple of line outs on the weekend that the reds jumper took a small step backwards his tryline and then jumped towards the opposition line. The result was that the jumper looked to be reaching towards the opposition try line in order to secure the ball but in fact was catching...
  5. mark_s

    Cricket: Australia v. India v. Sri Lanka 2011/12

    So the NZ series has been split and its back to square 1 for Aus. Player changes are needed and changes shall come. We have got ourselves into a bad spot though with no more first class games in Aus until after the Indian test series is finished, other than the 2 chairman XI games for which...
  6. mark_s

    Spiro's article today

    Sprio seems to firing in all directions today. http://www.theroar.com.au/2011/10/20/remove-the-knives-deans-must-stay-on-as-wallabies-coach/#more-53034 Apart some factual errors (e.g. 2007 wasn't the first time Aus didn't make the semi finals) he is also either reinventing history or...
  7. mark_s

    Bracken Suing CA

    In a case which may have implications for all sport, Nathan Bracken is suing Cricket Australia for lost earnings due to having to retire following a chronic injury. The basis for Bracken’s case is unclear, but will presumably reflect his view that he was required/permitted to play when not...
  8. mark_s

    Stosur US OPen Champion

    Congrats, I am stunned to be honest as I was pretty confident that she would find someway to duff it ala the french open final. Maybe playing someone like Serena (who is an all or nothing player) was the key rather than someone who tried to grind out a win against Sam.
  9. mark_s

    The Kat

    This seems disgraceful to me, Katich has been our best batter over the last two years and has shown the fighting quality thaat we want from Aus batsmen (and definitely from Aus openers). Poor decision (IMO) but poor communication by anyones measure. ACB hang your head in shame. The sooner the...
  10. mark_s

    Baxter (would be) out

    Al's injured and will miss most of the 3N, although this is probably academic only.
  11. mark_s

    Wallabies v Wales

    It seems like we are having continual problems with positions 10, 12, 13 and 15. (I will leave the wings out as we need to fix the problems further in first). I am far from qualified to be an expert on backline play, but is there any merit in trying Giteau at fullback? He has the kicking...
  12. mark_s

    Mortlock OUt of EOYT

    Stirlo is out for the EOY after redoing his calf: http://www.foxsports.com.au/story/0,,26315282-5016959,00.html Stirling Mortlock ruled out of grand slam tour with calf injury November 06, 2009 Former captain Stirling Mortlock has been ruled out of Australia's grand slam tour of the United...
  13. mark_s

    Louden on the S14, ELVs & Player Drain

    Here is an article from Todd Louden that I have taken from the Roar. Very interesting read Give the coaches and players time to mature Crusaders' Thomas Waldrom is hammered into the ground by Brumbies players in the Super 14 rugby match at Canberra Stadium, Saturday, Feb. 21, 2009. AAP...
  14. mark_s

    Bakies Banned for 3 Weeks

    For striking Waugh. I still haven't seen the incident myself but this could be quite significant given the Bulls run of games over the next 3 weeks. Bulls lock Bakkies Botha handed three-match ban for striking Phil Waugh April 14, 2009 Bulls lock Bakkies Botha will miss Friday's crucial Super...
  15. mark_s

    The Summer in Review

    The Aus cricket summer has finally ended and in the 2 hours left before the Aussies fly out to South Africa I thought I would quickly recap on what we have seen. In many ways it has been a terrific summer of cricket, there has been lots of skilful batting, bowling and fielding and close...
  16. mark_s

    Viewing 2009 S14 Games

    As a non foxtel subscriber with two young kids, it very difficult for me to watch the S14 games that are played outside of Sydney. I was pleasantly suprised to receive the following from my internet provider today. I think its the same service that foxsports offered last year (at a cost), but...
  17. mark_s

    3rd Test Squad

    Bollinger and McDonald have been added to the squad, Hillfenhaus has also been retained and Lee is the only player to drop out. Hayden thus is very likely to play. It seems our selectors think its more important to give Hayden a last sydney test than to bring in new blood. ::) ::) ::) ::) Of...
  18. mark_s

    IRB Rankings for 2011 RWC

    I read today that the poms loss to us on the weekend puts them at risk of dropping out of the top 4 ranked nations, in which case they would not be in the top 4 seeds for the next RWC. Clearly this isn?t necessarily a terminal blow to their RWC 2011 ambitions (given they won the 03 RWC after...