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  1. lily

    Under 6 rugby

    Why has this site become so convoluted.how many threads are we up to now? I think we need to start another on the under/6 comp on Mars.
  2. lily

    Eastern Distributor

    Can anyone explain to me why even on a day when their has been no rain water will pool near the Cleveland Street exit? Never understood this.
  3. lily

    Editors/ Proofreaders/juniors/coffee guy.

    Is it just me or are the major few, which include in NSW the Herald, Telegaph and Australian not even bothering to spellcheck or grammar check their articles. Obviously all papers are infected as they are owned by the same interests.
  4. lily

    Phil Blake

    With all the discussion about the Force coaching job I haven't heard his name mentioned once. Quick background shows that he has coached at Souths and Manly at club level and then the force as an assistant and the Wallabies also in an assistant role. I wonder where to now for a guy like him...
  5. lily

    Rugby TV Shows

    I am sorry to all that I have had to start a new thread for this garbage. I tried the search engine but nothing came up. It amazes me that a program that claims to be of value just discussed Mike Harris' great game and in the first clip showed him throwing a pass to Cliffy. Awesome editing and...
  6. lily

    Another black eye for boxing.

    3 things. 1. Surely nobody really believes that Manny won that fight. And if so how can one of the 3 blind mice give it to him 8 rounds to 4? 2. Who the fuck is Frank Loporto? I am pretty sure his own family wouldn't have known he was fighting for the WBA Super Welterweight title today...
  7. lily

    Smokin Joe

    A short but sensational innings. Rest in Peace.
  8. lily

    Vale Dick Thornett

    Australian Rugby Union is today mourning the loss of tri-international Dick Thornett, who passed away on Wednesday morning. One of three brothers, Dick first sprung onto the international sporting scene in 1960 with the Australian Olympic water polo team, before switching to Rugby in 1961...
  9. lily

    Round 4 - The day of the Underdog.

    I'm not sure whether there is already a thread about the so called 2nd division but anyway. How have the last 26 hours gone. Samoa nearly beating the Boks, The Motherland scoring 3 meatpies against the Wallabies, Tonga beating France and Scotland done at the death by England. What a day. If this...
  10. lily

    Will Hopoate

    I wish him the best of luck. I also hope he is able to come back in the same type of form as he is in today. Those who say he will now not be successful should remember that this does not signal the end for him. I once met a 7ft 6 inch tall yank named Chris Bradley in Chatswood. He also gave up...
  11. lily


    I just saw a story on Danny that said his ban continues until after the SA trip. For mine this is player power gone mad. His behaviour may be problematic but the Rebels are better with him. He and Kingi are 2 blokes in their very early 20s. Can you remember how responsible you were, I for one...
  12. lily

    Would you pay more for chocolate to stop child labour?

    In todays poll on msn as of 19.40, 28,329 think that they shouldn't. This is another example of why some are going to hell. I cant believe that people would prefer children being exploited so they can have a cheaper chocolate. I dont think I have ever witnessed a better example of thoughtless...
  13. lily

    Danny Green

    This guy cannot be serious. I heard him talking up Antonio Tarver. Tarver was good once and as Green says will end up at Canastota. At the moment he is another washed up legend ala Roy Jones. The real boxing fans in this country would love to see you fight someone who hasn't been hand picked. By...
  14. lily

    Rebels Recruitment.

    Interested to know how the Welsh No8 goes. Gareth Delve and Andy Powell are both playing well for the Rebels and Wasps. Also Martin Johnson should also have a look at Lipman. Alot was said about the rebels recruitment drive but in these 2 and Cipriana they have found some gems.
  15. lily


    Is it just me or does anyone else have some concerns how the US, UK and France have bombed Libyan sites in the last day. Did I miss a declaration of war or an attack by Libya on any of these three countries. The General needs to go, but why do these governments think an unprovoked attack on his...
  16. lily

    Under 20s

    Can anyone tell me where to locate the training squad. The Manly Daily reported that Manly had 2 in it. So I guess it exists.
  17. lily

    No Hope

    If our S15 teams continue this garbage then come RWC time we are screwed. I just saw Ben Hand drop a ball with nobody anywhere near him. If Taf is gone then we are as well as he, Pat McCabe the Force backrow, as well as the golden boy are the only ones worth picking. Last night it was a dropped...
  18. lily

    Hosni Mubarak

    I just saw a poll on MSN that had 45 000 to 20 000 think that the Egypt situation cannot end peacefully. I wonder why people think this. Is it because of the Mullahs and religious fundamentalists who will try to gain control? Or will it be because the US and others have allowed Mubarak to stay...
  19. lily

    Wellington 7s

    Looks like a good party over there. I'm watching Wales and Sth Africa and once again I have to wonder why Andrew Lees is so pedantic. Let it go mate. He often aggravates me.
  20. lily

    Steak Sauce

    About a year ago I discovered Masterfoods Squeezy Worcestershire Steak Sauce and am now addicted. I cant find it anymore now that I have moved back to Manly. Can anyone offer any suggestions ? I know this is a very trivial topic and probably a waste of your and my time.