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  1. WorkingClassRugger

    David Horwitz

    So someone connected to the new Rugby Europe Super Cup team the Tel Aviv Heat is trying to find out how to best contact him on whether he might be interested in a stint with the Israeli squad. Anyone know the man personally or the best way beyond social media? If so, send me a message and I'll...
  2. WorkingClassRugger

    Suddenly the Nations Championship (A version of it) is a good idea.

    Unfortunately it would be a closed shop and would featured the 6Ns and RC teams plus Japan and Fiji. Essentially the proposed 1st Div. of the Nations Championship concept. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/rugbyunion/article-7653113/Top-rugby-nations-talks-new-World-Championship-competition.html
  3. WorkingClassRugger

    Expanded Rugby Championship

    Apparently both Japan and Fiji will be invited to join the RC with the possibility of the championship also running concurrently alongside SR. https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/sport/rugby/japan-fiji-invited-into-expanded-rugby-championship-report
  4. WorkingClassRugger

    Restructuring of the Academy set up

    According to this https://outline.com/aTD44w RA are looking to head off the like of League and AFL by bringing Rugby talent over three different stages starting from 15 years old and above. Thoughts?
  5. WorkingClassRugger

    For Sale: One Gallagher Premiership!

    According to https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/rugby/international/106843578/England-rugby-clubs-ponder-540m-offer-for-their-competition the group who owns or owned F1 is now looking at buying England's top flight of the game. The clubs are apparently interested.
  6. WorkingClassRugger

    Brazil to play in the Currie Cup

    Apparently the Brazil Union is in talks with sponsors etc. in order to enter a franchise in the Currie cup as early as next year. While I suspect they will actually compete in the tier below the CC which is now known as the SuperSports Challenge I think this is a huge step for the Union. Would...
  7. WorkingClassRugger

    Pro T20 League set for USA in 2020.

    Apparently there's a group looking to spend $2.7 billion on building the necessary infrastructure in preparation for the planned 2020 of a US based T20 league. The plans feature 8 locations. These are Atlanta, NY, NJ, Washington DC, Illinois, Dallas-Fort Worth, Florida and California. Each...
  8. WorkingClassRugger

    Super 9s

    Samoa are launching a Super 9s franchise competition. It's Rugby not League. Does anyone know how Rugby 9s would even work.
  9. WorkingClassRugger

    Not quite a global season but progress nonetheless.

    Apparemtly the June window will be shifted back to July and the 6Ns will eliminate one of their rest periods from 2020. This will allow Super Rugby to run in a continous block. http://m.nzherald.co.nz/sport/news/article.cfm?c_id=4&objectid=11814662
  10. WorkingClassRugger

    Back to the future.

    I know it's only early in the new season and there's still a long way to go. I also realise that this could be considered reactionary which is very likely true but I'm coming around on the reduction of the number of teams. But not just here. Across the competitiom as a whole. I have been an...
  11. WorkingClassRugger

    National Sevens Championship

    Being streamed through rugby.com.au. Some quality 7s so far. So less so by some of the less fancied teams.
  12. WorkingClassRugger

    Ali Baba to invest $100m to grow Rugby in China.

    A few months ago it was announced that Ali Sports the sports division of retail giant Ali Baba would invest in Rugby in a landmark agreement. The original announcement suggested it would be $10m a year over 10 years. Not so. It will in fact be $10m for 10 years. They have the lofty ambition of...
  13. WorkingClassRugger

    Carter, Rokocoko , Inhoff - Corticosteroid Use (Allegedly)

    http://www.planetrugby.com/news/carter-rokocoko-imhoff-hit-by-steroids-claims/ According to both Carter and Rokocko's management they had Temporary Use Exemption (TUE's) for a Calf (Carter) and Knee (Rokocoko). However, according to the article the French anti-doping agency are denying those...
  14. WorkingClassRugger

    This is interesting.

    Of late we have seen social media companies of the likes of Twitter etc. begin to venture into the world of sports broadcasting. I've also seen suggestion that it could eventually be an option for streaming services like Netflix. It now looks like that may be the case with Amazon looking at...
  15. WorkingClassRugger


    Rugby related of course. Recently on my scouring over different Rugby foru,s etc. I've come across tow interesting little pieces of speculation. One being moves to establish a secondary 7s series and the other supposed discussions on setting a franchise based league centred around the top 6 REC...
  16. WorkingClassRugger

    SANZAAR Fan Survey

    Looks like SANZAAR have started part of their planned review and research effort by gathering data via a fan survey. I've already added my two cents. One of the main suggestions was investigating new broadcast mediums particularly on the social media side of the equation. Work on integrating fan...
  17. WorkingClassRugger

    World Rugby to trial new Law variations

    Apparently looking to speed the game up and further sort out the scrum among others. http://www.the42.ie/world-rugby-law-trials-september-2015-2324926-Sep2015/
  18. WorkingClassRugger

    Stars vs Rams - Seriously no thread before this one?

    Here's hoping for the Rams to break their duck for the season. Evidently they've brought in a kicker :)
  19. WorkingClassRugger

    JRFU to bid for Super Rugby

    After a general meeting they have decided to initiate the bidding process. Will start investigating the financial requirements ahead of the August deafline
  20. WorkingClassRugger

    Super 7s

    Okay. You may or may not be aware of the College Rugby Championship run annually in Philadelphia. An invitational 7s championship run by the same group that are behind the Las Vegas leg of the World Series. They are the primary drivers of the format of the game in the US. Well, they are now...