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  1. Hugh Jarse

    G&GR MOTM: England v Australia, 03-12-2016

    It is going to be hard but you know the drill. Just 3-2-1 and HM's. Leave the chatter to the match thread.
  2. Hugh Jarse

    GAGR MOTM: Ireland v Australia 26-11-16

    You know the drill. Just 3-2-1 and HM's. Leave the chatter to the match thread.
  3. Hugh Jarse

    G&GR MOTM: France v Australia 19-11-16

    You know the drill: just nominate your 3, 2, 1 and HMs. No discussion, leave that for the Match Thread.
  4. Hugh Jarse

    AIC Rugby 2017

    Wang away. Keep the posts within the rules of the Schoolboy Forum and we will all be happy. Zero tolerance for trolls, or clowns. Do not feed or encourage them, just hit the Report button and justice will be done.
  5. Hugh Jarse

    G&GR MOTM: Scotland v Australia 12-11-16

    You know the drill: just nominate your 3, 2, 1 and HMs. No discussion.
  6. Hugh Jarse

    Australian Schoolboys & National Championships 2017

    An exciting year beckons for the Class of 2017. There is the quadrennial trip to the Northern Hemisphere, as well as inbound tours by NZL and Fiji, and that is enough to get people talking and posting already. This is what we know so far: ASRU Championships are scheduled for 2 July - 8...
  7. Hugh Jarse

    NRC 2016 - Grand Final - NSW Country Eagles vs Perth Spirit

    It is East Coast vs West Coast in the Bush for the Big Dance of NRC v3.0 Should be a belter of a game, although the Spirit players will have more frequent flyer points than Bronwyn Bishop after 3 cross continent return flights in 3 weeks. Will the travel impact them? Coming up against the...
  8. Hugh Jarse

    GAGR MOTM - AUS v NZL, Wellington, 27 August 2017

    It is going to be hard for some, but the GAGR Player of the Year is one of the most respected popularly voted awards in all of Rugbydom. 3-2-1s please people, when you've figured it out. No match discussion. Leave that for the match thread.
  9. Hugh Jarse

    John I. Dent Cup 2017 - ACT Premier Rugby

    First played for in 1938, the John I Dent Cup was won by the Royal Military College, 27-6 over Norths, and it has been contested every year since except between 1942 and 1944 during World War II. The Cup was a gift from John I. Dent, a wealthy Cootamundra grazier, who owned shops in Civic...
  10. Hugh Jarse

    QLD Colts - 2017

    Season 2016 is all done and dusted so it's time to start the Season 2017 wang. Any movements in the Coaching ranks? Which Clubs are the 2016 Year 12 graduates going to? http://www.greenandgoldrugby.com/community/threads/which-clubs-are-the-class-of-2016-going-to.16683/ Who is going to bypass...
  11. Hugh Jarse

    Sydney Colts - 2017

    Sydney Colts Season 2016 is all done and dusted, as are the 3 main Schoolboy competitions. Time to start the Season 2017 wang. Any movements in the Coaching ranks? What Clubs are the 2016 Year 12 graduates going to? While not as many as previous seasons, a few Private School players...
  12. Hugh Jarse

    NSW AAGPS 2017

    With the excitement and suspense of the 2016 season now fast disappearing in the rear view mirror of life, it's time to start the wang for the next season coming up. What does season 2017 hold for the AAGPS? The 2016 U16 fixtures were keenly contested leaving plenty of unresolved questions...
  13. Hugh Jarse

    Sydney Club Rugby History

    "PREMIER" CLUBS IN SYDNEY 1865 to 1873 (prior to the establishment of the Southern Rugby Football Union in 1874) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a list of the most "successful"...
  14. Hugh Jarse

    Shute Shield 2017

    The closest Shute Shield Competition in years is done and dusted. What is happening for 2017? Who is changing clubs? Who are the coaches? Who has retired? Will the 2017 competition be as close as this year? Let the wang begin.
  15. Hugh Jarse

    2017 Under-20 Competitions including Oceania & World U20s

    Georgia has been named as the venue for the 2017 Under-20 Rugby World Championships (formerly known as the IRB Junior World Cup). Pools are likely to be something like these: Pool A England (1) Australia (6) France (9) Samoa (12) (Qualifier from Junior World Trophy) Pool B Ireland (2) New...
  16. Hugh Jarse

    Eastwood's Next Wallaby

    Not Hugh Roach?
  17. Hugh Jarse

    Bingham Cup 2016

    At the time of Mark Bingham’s tragic death, only six gay and inclusive rugby clubs existed worldwide. Two of those were co-founded by Mark. Today there are over 65 clubs. The Bingham Cup is the global event that promotes rugby union as an inclusive non-discriminatory sport. The first Bingham Cup...
  18. Hugh Jarse

    NSW Schools - Trial Games and Selections 2016

    The 2016 NSWSRU team management is not yet available for viewing in the NEWS section of the NSWSRU website. This post will be amended with the positions filled when known. In fact today the NSW Schools RU Web page doesn't seem to have migrated from the Rugbynet environment when the Rugbynet...
  19. Hugh Jarse

    Rugby.com.au Website

    Looks like the Pulveriser has found a bob or two to makeover the ARU Website - rugby.com.au. Is this lipstick on a pig, or a "must read" go-to website? IMHO, in trying to be all things to all people they have missed an opportunity to improve the core things that should be on a National Rugby...
  20. Hugh Jarse

    ACTJRU U18 Competition & ACT Schools XV 2016

    Start your engines. What's happening in Junior Brumbieland? Who's looking good for the competition, and what are the predictions for the ACT Schools team for National Championships?