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  1. Ruggo

    Sharks v Reds Rnd 5 2014

    Are we off to Durban to Ambush these bastards? I hope so.
  2. Ruggo

    Reds vs Cheetahs, Rnd 4.

    Time to look forward. Tough side the Cheetahs and both sides will be looking to redeem from last weekend. How is this game going to play out?
  3. Ruggo

    Reds vs Stormers, Newlands 2013

    This game is going to be intrguing. I think Ant will stay at 12 and CFS will stay at 13. I have no idea how we will choose to play them but they are there for the taking. I wouldn't be suprised to see Radike start this one. I think we will bounce back from the Cheetahs game. Bring it on.
  4. Ruggo


    How bloody good is Sharpie as a commentator? The last three weeks with him on the sideline has just been gold. Got to say I am just loving his input on the games and the players. Never fails to explain his views and I love the manner in which he does it. He adds an amazing context into the...
  5. Ruggo

    Dan Carter's 100th

    A big congratulations to Dan Carter who will play his 100th game today. Absolute champion who is dedicted, humble and a fantastic amasador for rugby in general. I don't know Dan Carter personally from a bar of soap but he seems a genuine all round good bloke. Congratulations on the milestone.
  6. Ruggo

    Sydney siders, some advice please.

    I am comming to Sydney next month and have little knowledge of the place. What would you recoomend is the best and most cost effective way of getting from the domestic airport to the CBD. My flight gets in at 7:25pm. Any advice on where to get a good feed and cold beer in the CBD would also...
  7. Ruggo

    Reds vs Bulls Rnd 5 2012.

    There are many unanswered questions regarding the aftermath of the Sharks game so here is the thread to post answers as they come to light. 2012 Bulls are a confident team and will be fresh after the bye. Tough ask this week but the Reds have stood up to Bulls sides well in the past bar our...
  8. Ruggo

    Reds vs Sharks Rnd 4 2012

    Off to the shark tank we go. Africa has been a happy place for us in the last couple of years. Just need to stiffen up our scrum, keep the discipline and we should go alright in this game. Do we have the squad they sent to SA?
  9. Ruggo

    Vale Harry Morgan.

    96 isn't a bad innings but as a big MASH fan, Vale Harry Morgan. :salute
  10. Ruggo

    Vale Arthur Beetson

    RIP Big Artie. You were a legend and an inspiration to many. Great player, coach and role model for young and aspiring sports people. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2011-12-01/arthur-beetson-dies/3706362
  11. Ruggo

    Players that punch above their weight.

    There seems to be a belief amongst Australian Rugby fans that bigger is always better. Rugby is full of players that punch above their weight. Number 8 is the position we get the most man love for the big player though the best number eights in the world fit into the 105-110kg catagory...
  12. Ruggo

    Kicking Coaches.

    I am sure they have their place. I am just curious on the value that Van-Stratan adds to the Wallaby setup. He looks to have helped Quade but my understanding is that Quade does not have another kicking coach. Darryl Halligan is JOC's regular goal kicking coach and is it really of any benifit...
  13. Ruggo

    Bulls vs Waratahs, 2011R16

    Although the Tahs got run down in the end I remember them having a mighty crack in this one last year. I don't think the Tahs will do it but they are capable if they come to the game focussed. It is make or break time.
  14. Ruggo

    Reds vs Brumbies, 2011R16

    We are on the home run. As poor as the Brumbies have been I feel this could easily be a banana skin game for the Reds. If we take them lightly it may just bite us on the arse. I would love to see the Reds remain focussed and make a statement in this game. Hopefully another big crowd also...
  15. Ruggo

    Reds vs Waratahs, 2011R10

    Ok, now on to next week. I am not even being a troll when I say this is a must win game for the Tahs or thdey will seriously lose touch with the Reds on the log. I think the Reds will be really pissed off about that shit performance in Sydney. I cant wait for this one.
  16. Ruggo

    Reds vs Bulls 2011R09

    Next challenge is the Bulls. They looked battered and wounded after their game vs the Crusaders. How will we take them on? Fast and hard is my bet like last year. The backline should remain unchanged but I think we should rest Slipper to the bench and give Shepherdson a start, swap Samo and...
  17. Ruggo

    3,2,1 Waratahs vs Cheetahs 2011

    3/ Tom Carter - the only bloke in blue that put his heart and soul into his performance. 2/ Kepu 1/ Baxter I only started this thread as I think Tom Carter genually deserved those points.
  18. Ruggo

    Brumbies vs Reds, week 3 2011

    Reds fans only have next week to look forward to and I'm sure Brumby Fans are feeling the same way. Reds. 1/ Greg Holmes 2/ James Hanson (give the bloke his shot) 3/ James Slipper 4/ Rob Simmons 5/ Van Humphries 6/ Scott Higgenbotham 7/ Beau Robinson 8/ Leroy Houston 9/ Will Genia...
  19. Ruggo

    The Rugby Club thread.

    Am I the only person that was left shit to tears after the Rugby Club last night? My gripes are Although being a tosser, Greg Martin has taken it to a new level. I thought it would get better without Jeremy Paul but thank you very much dickhead as you have just stepped up to be the next...
  20. Ruggo

    2011 Rnd 1 Reds v Force

    Sorry Force Supporters as I know you have another trial. Well Reds supporter’s trials are over and now onto the big stuff. This would be my match day 22 1/ Daley 2/ Faingaa 3/ Slipper 4/ Horwill 5/ Van 6/ Samo 7/ Quirk 8/ Higgers 9/ Genia 10/ Cooper 11/ Davies 12/ Faingaa 13/...