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  1. fatprop

    Randwick Vs Argentina 7/9 @ Coogee

    So will the Eagle release these guys?, should be a good afternoon https://www.rugby.com.au/news/2019/09/02/argentina-randwick-players-nrc
  2. fatprop

    Kayo ...................

    Anyone else decided to use this lot for their rugby fix? It ain't the smoothest app ever scene by human kind
  3. fatprop

    The ARU should help out the Eels

    By taking Tepai Moeroa and Semi Radradra out of their salary cap for a start :p
  4. fatprop

    Replacement for Tapatalk on Android

    Gentlemen, this app has slowly become shittier through each update. This shitty feed they now inflict on you is the final straw Your recommendations will be appreciated
  5. fatprop

    Peter FitzSimons - the guy can write a tale

    Wasn't sure where to stick this, I thought it deserved some highlighting, lovely "rugby" story, so well written http://www.smh.com.au/sport/the-fitz-files/a-tale-of-wallaby-legend-nick-farrjones-and-a-frenchwoman-20151014-gk9h4y.html
  6. fatprop

    Two step passing scrumhalves

    Interesting article focussing on the Boks and scrum half play http://www.rugby365.com/article/63468-scrumhalves-make-or-break
  7. fatprop


    I am trying to get my head around what is and what is not whistleblowing What kicked it off was a comment from Julian Burnside "We pretend to protect whistle blowers, but look what they are doing to Freya Newman pic.twitter.com/IWU1javLSV#SaveFreya" (the women who used her employment at a...
  8. fatprop

    Scrum changes: success or failure?

    Great article by Mike Cron http://www.planetrugby.com/story/0,25883,16016_9339274,00.html Really worth a read, especially about the put in channel and hooker
  9. fatprop

    Brumbies v Waratahs Rnd 5 2014

    Massive game, so many questions will be answered Will the ponies be able to again build pressure over multiple phases Will the Tahs be able deal with a more polished side Will the Tahs be able win a line out Will the Ponies play field position against the Tahs back 3
  10. fatprop

    Wobs vs France @ Sydney

    Corporate Box $350 a seat, min 12 humans for a Sunday Saturday afternoon in June http://www.rugby.com.au/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=aBpZs3Upu8o=&tabid=1526 It could be fun and/or very messy
  11. fatprop

    James O'Connor misses flight

    So he either goes to bed and gets up pissed or gets pissed staying up all night before a cheap arsed flight. (He was sober enough a few hours later to get another flight) Learn some French or Japanese laddie
  12. fatprop

    For Sale: One Test 10

    Reds or Force?
  13. fatprop

    Digby WTF?

    I hope it isn't correct
  14. fatprop

    Waratahs 2014

    Big opportunity for Cheika to really put his stamp on the side, it appears to be turnover year
  15. fatprop

    ARU contracting process - how could it be improved?

    OK Lots of moaning out there, but what could actually be done to improve the situation? A few assumptions 1. There are limited funds available 2. The S15 sides and ARU deserve a say in the process So how would the balance/speed/efficiency be improved? The opposite ends would be...
  16. fatprop

    Rules changes - who benefits?

    I was thinking about Aus's propping issues and the new rule changes I see Dan Palmer as a big potential winner as the coach only has to budget 40 minutes at THP from the guy OK him and a lot of the other real scrummaging, less mobile props
  17. fatprop

    Is intent enough?

    I found this interesting, whilst I agree with Dean's premise, we still have to do better. In the end defenses are getting better but our execution hasn't been great I think that is partly down to who has been injured or not been up to previous standard, our attacking threats - the JOCs, the...
  18. fatprop

    What characteristics make for a good nine?

    Let me emphasise, this ain't/won't be a hate thread I watched the game last night and thought Phipps did quite well, quick to the breakdown, got the ball moving, good pass, took some good options - when he had them and drove the forwards. I then get on the board to review opinions and it...
  19. fatprop

    AB Fitness

  20. fatprop

    PODSLAM 77: What's In A Number? w/ Andrew Blades

    Good work guys, nice to hear some insights from part of the Wobs coaching staff. Very informative