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  1. Brumbieman

    The current issue with Stan's coverage in bars/pubs....

    I think we can agree its been a resounding success so far with Stan - i've been blown away by their coverage and the available viewing content they've secured so far. The one big hole in the shift from Faux though, is rugby missing from TV screens in pubs and bars across the country. What's...
  2. Brumbieman

    A nationwide petition to have Kearns removed from commentating?

    I'd certainly sign one and with the right wording about him damaging the game with negativity etc, I reckon it'd tear round the country.
  3. Brumbieman

    Wallabies match fixing scandal?

    Might just be Growden talking out his arse again, but.... https://www.smh.com.au/sport/rugby-union/ra-re-investigating-alleged-wallabies-match-fixing-20190307-p512gk.html Hmmm....any guesses as to the game? (No guessing on players, GAME ONLY)
  4. Brumbieman

    Super Rugby teams of the week?

    Are we doing a team of the week this year?
  5. Brumbieman

    Lealiifano the new coach?

    http://www.foxsports.com.au/rugby/brumbies-playmaker-christian-lealiifano-harbours-coaching-ambitions/news-story/355aff695265c11a139101e8f3c60933 Never ceases to impress me with his character, and a genuine leader. Finally back at 10 too. Big year ahead for him.
  6. Brumbieman

    Karmichael Hunt charged with cocaine supply.

  7. Brumbieman

    Wallabies: Looking to the World Cup...

    So, looking ahead to the world cup, i've been mulling this over with a few bot...glasses of Torebrecks Shiraz. Generally, it's rugby lore that ou need 5 world class players in your team to win a world cup. It's also agreed that the rest of your players can't be muppets either. So, do we have...
  8. Brumbieman

    The flyhalf debate: who's in better form?

    OK, so I decided to watch the kiwi/Aus test in Wellington again. Not sure why, just chucked it on. Within 10 minutes, I had noticed a few things, most of which were to do with Toomua. His taking on the line in the 2nd test, was actually outstanding. I missed it the first time round because...
  9. Brumbieman

    Barnes off to Japan

    If true, I guess that saves us the possibility of him being given the reigns at 10 for the Lions series! Good luck to him, all the best with the head!
  10. Brumbieman

    Christian lealiifano's 2012 MOM games

    Was watching the Highlanders/Brumbies game from this year last night, and the commentator mentioned he'd been MOM in 3 of their previous games. As the highlanders played us in round 5, that's a hell of an achievement as I know he scored a for more after that. Tried googling for it, but...
  11. Brumbieman

    Cooper boxing:

    I don't get the anti-boxing sentiment. Its a farce, surely, but all this 'risk of injury' crap is just...well, crap. I'd wager he takes more punishment in the first ruck he gets buried under in any game, than he would in a bixing match. I mean, seriously, what happens?! He gets a black eye, or a...
  12. Brumbieman

    Wallaby injuries: poor diet?

    Reading an article about the kiwi's strength and conditioning methods, with things like players being sent off to the farm to go wrestle cattle and sheep, as PART of their fitness regime, it got me thinking. We obviously take a very serious attitude to fitness, but is it the wrong type? Too...
  13. Brumbieman

    Did Tapuai butcher a try?

    After Hooper's wonderful break up the field, the ball goes wide to Tapaui, who beats a man on the outside, and then utterly ignores a 3 on 1 overlap with Harris and Cummins, tries it himself and totally butchers the opportunity. He should be keel hauled for this!
  14. Brumbieman

    Any word on Hooper yet?

    RE possible suspension?
  15. Brumbieman

    Current Wallabies team!

    1. Robinson 2. Moore 3. Palmer 4. Pyle 5. Horwill 6. Higginbotham 7. Pocock 8. Palu (Sigh....) 9. Genia 10. Beale 11. Ioane 12. McCabe 13. Faingaa 14. Tomane 15. Gerrard 16. Nau 17. Alexander 18. Fardy 19. Vaea/Fotu 20. White 21. Barnes 22. AAC Anyone got any arguments? Edit: I forgot...
  16. Brumbieman

    The Wallabies problem positions: Discussion thread.

    So, we all know it. What the Wallabies are sorely lacking, and keeps letting us down, is the fact that we don't have decent enough incumbents in 3 crucial positions: 5, 6 and 8. Horwill is one lock, but the other is a problem. Sharpie may be playing well, but he's old. We won't magically...
  17. Brumbieman

    Brumbies vs Highlanders: 3-2-1

    3. Hooper (and MOM) 2. Lealiifano 1. Moore HM to Tomane, but other than the two tries he didn't get much chance to do anything more. That was one of the best Brumbies wins i've seen since the 2004 final. Intelligent gameplan, well executed, with a high level of skill, committtment and...
  18. Brumbieman

    Who is this player?

    Number 22, its the 2009 Aussie schoolboys team. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AC9ldMvtg4&feature=related Thats one hell of an impact into the game there, and that pass is sublime, Larkham-esque.
  19. Brumbieman

    The case for Anthony Faingaa to wear the Green and Gold

    Exactly what is needed for our backline, someone who does the hard graft to balance out the flashiness of the Cooper/Beiber/Beale combination. Someone who hits like a train, marshalls the defence, leaves absolutely nothing on the field. Him and AAC is a pretty physically imposing midfield...
  20. Brumbieman

    The defence of Matt Giteau

    Ok, i've snapped. I've had enough of this shit about Giteau being useless, a crab, an overpaid/overrated twat who's achieved nothing in his career, etc etc. Time for someone to object to all this slandering. Not even two years ago, everyone was claiming him to be Dan Carter's only...