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    CAS Rugby 2014

    Watching the dying moments of the Trinity/Waverley game it looked like Waverley no.10 Paterson finished the game with what looked like a shoulder injury. The most likely replacement for this is seconds scrum half M.Smallington. Smallington made slotting through gaps at the ruck look too easy and...
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    CAS Rugby 2014

    Waverley finally have some players returning for their clash against St Pats on Tuesday. This could finally fix the lack of depth issue that they have been dealing with in their first three trials. I have even heard that the depth issue has been so bad that there has been a prop running around...
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    CAS Rugby 2014

    I saw some of Waverley's first trials and is looks like they have been struggling with up front aggression and often being pushed off their own ball. Coaches seemed to believe new league recruit W. Anderson will slot nicely into the front row with S. Picone and A. Do. With this new found...
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    NSW U16 - schools, NSWJRU / SJRU / CRJU 2013

    Does anyone know when the NSW schools and Sydney juniors teams will be announced
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    CAS Rugby 2013

    Can you please take your rubbish elsewhere this is a serious rugby forum and your schoolyard jokes are not wanted here. Either add some value to the conversation or leave it as it is.