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    AIC Rugby 2014

    SLC Starting Line Up 1. Michael Hanson-Luther 2. Eric Touariki 3. Daniel McHugh 4. Matt Lenarduzi 5. Nick Maroney 6.Reece Carlton 7. Tom Askin 8. Mitch Shneider 9. Ian Filipo 10. Tuiavii Jahnke 11. Jack Healy 12. Adam Parsons 13. Will Dwyer 14. Jordan Bayne 15. Joel Mead
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    AIC Rugby 2014

    Lauries dropped about 5 passes that would have resulted in tries. Lauries forward pack demolished ion's at scrum time and line outs spot on. i think round 4 of the comp will be very interesting if SLC backs pick up there act