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    CAS 2019

    Your attitude towards the competititon seems pretty flakey and one-eyed to me. It has never not been the case that Aloys, Cranbrook and Trinity mismatch against the other, larger schools. If this was reason to demote a school, it would have been a three horse race years ago - and even Waverley...
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    NSW AAGPS 2018

    Was shocked by the Pius result as I have heard that aren't a bad side- so I checked the Pius draw. It reads: 16C 11:00 St Joseph’s College College E (St Josephs) Unless they mixed it around, it was the Pius 16C's (their lowest team in that age). The 16A side was playing against Cranbrook at...
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    CAS Rugby 2015

    Aloys side announced today 1. Hampton 2. Stene 3. Nikopolous 4. Nolan 5. Halliday 6. Denny 7. Sheil-Dick 8.Cramp 9. Hayes 10. Dainton 11. Sheil-Dick 12. Lawson 13. Slaven 14. Diamond 15. Dunlop
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    CAS Rugby 2015

    I'm sure they will be strong, but you really could of said the same thing last year. And in my eyes, the Knox side of 2014 (at least on paper), could of dusted up the 2015.
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    CAS Rugby 2015

    Aloys to Auckland. Training camp and 1 game vs Kings College
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    CAS Rugby 2015

    This is a trinity side who came last in 2015... A knox side who dominated Joeys is hardly going to lose to A waverley side who looks better each week An aloys side who beat Marist Canberra by 6 tries and Pius by 70 points If anyone is in trouble, it would be the wooden spooners of last year