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    Subbies 2023!

    Is latter games an option? How many clubs have lights to play night football I know my club struggles for numbers some Saturdays depending on work with at least half our players working on Saturday and another quarter have kids sports commitments. Our club has lot tradies and players involved...
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    Sydney Subbies 2019

    Oatley Rugby Union Football Club is still advertising for senior coaches and managers for their 2019 season. Please see below positions that are currently available: * First Grade – Coach & Manager... * Second Grade – Coach & Manager • Colts (U21) – Coach & Manager • Third Grade – Coach &...
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    Sydney Subbies 2018

    Oatley Rugby Union Football Club is advertising for senior coaches and managers for their 2018 season. We are a local Rugby club who play out of Evatt Park, Lugarno, and our club comprises of over 800 active members with junior teams ranging from under 6s to 18s as well as 4 senior teams...
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    Sydney Subbies 2017

    Does anyone know what venues the division 4 Finals series will be held at?
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    Sydney Subbies 2017

    You are right Southsider-on Saturday First Grade had 9 former Oatley colts plus 1 current colt. That was not including those former colts or juniors that came off the bench as well. Most of Oatley first grade have actually played for club over the last 2 years. Also have several players who...
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    Sydney Subbies 2016

    Yeah changing to 3 grades and colts? Has this been confirmed?
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    Sydney Subbies 2016

    Anyone heard that the structure for division 3 will be changing in 2017?
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    NSW JRU State Championships & Representative Teams 2015

    That's alright to say that MNZ will get 13 players in Sydney side based on what happen at the State Champs which may well happen but for that to happen MNZ will really have to dominate the other 3 Sydney teams at the zone carnival. Performances at the zone carnival will be weighted higher than...
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    ISA Rugby 2015

    What's the st pats 1st and 2nd XVs look like at the moment?
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    CAS Rugby 2015

    How has all schools been going across the 16s age group? Who has any idea how each schools 16cs teams are going?
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    CAS Rugby 2015

    Round 1 is the 2nd May
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    Sydney Colts - 2015

    Does any directly involved with 18s competition know how it is going to be structured?
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    CAS Rugby 2015

    The ARU Policy is that no player can play more than 2 years up an age. To play 2 years up an age eg 16 year old in 18s comp, the player most complete a two year window policy form which must be signed off by a parent, and competition manager and most importantly a level 2 accredited coach...
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    Continued decline in Sydney Junior Rugby

    So that will mean all players who left there village club to play 18s at district club will only get half season of rugby while the village clubs struggle for numbers. All I see with 18s comp is that some players are going to get even less rugby than they did year.
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    Continued decline in Sydney Junior Rugby

    Is the Saturday district 18s really only running until the state championship on June weekend? What happens to players after the June long weekend?
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    NSW JRU State Championships & Representative Teams 2014

    Does any have any background on southern zone 16's coaches? Interested see what level/experience coaches will have compared to other rep pathways.
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    ISA Rugby 2014

    Does anyone have a list for the St Pats teams from yesterday?
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    Sydney Colts 2011

    Does anyone know the details for trial games for Randwick or Southern Districts Colts?