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    Barbarians Australian Tour 2017

    That was actually a really fun game to watch. From the classics Radike was my standout, played 70mins and put on countless big hits. Also Tuqiri & Brett Sheehan were fun to watch. For baabaas Banks was decent at the back. MoTM was Sam Greene in my opinion, scored a double and no errors...
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    RWC 2015 Final - Australia v New Zealand, Twickenham, Sunday 1 November, 3:00 AEDT

    Honestly, I'd prefer Beale. He works really well with Foley. However, I would consider putting Horne in for Mitchell if that is the case. That being said Beale's defence has been pretty great as of recent so i wouldn't be too phased
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    Who to support now

    i think argies 2nd fave team, new zealand 3rd. then maybe wales, scotland, ireland, france (these guys are interchangeable depending on circumstances) ........................................................................... then rsa & eng.... still can't get over how bad 2007 was.
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    RWC QF 4 AUS v SCO (Twickenham) 19th Oct 0200 AEDT

    we deserved to lose, but we hung in there and managed to stay in it. beale motm for mine
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    RWC QF 4 AUS v SCO (Twickenham) 19th Oct 0200 AEDT

    weird try that one. Simmons caught napping at the ruck and scotland 12 waltzes through a gap. 10-5 scotland. Foley drops a sitter straight after... wobs started hot but lookng a little shaken
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    RWC QF 4 AUS v SCO (Twickenham) 19th Oct 0200 AEDT

    aus have dominated possession and territory early, scots havent really had the ball
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    RWC QF 4 AUS v SCO (Twickenham) 19th Oct 0200 AEDT

    boom AAC (Adam Ashley-Cooper) over in the corner, exciting play by foley and beale down the left then spread right thru giteau, foley and then TK who just monsters his opposite number to put AAC (Adam Ashley-Cooper) in
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    RWC QF 4 AUS v SCO (Twickenham) 19th Oct 0200 AEDT

    foley sets up an early opportunity but pushes the pass rather than going for the try himself. knock on over the line in opening 5 mins
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    RWC: Australia v Fiji - 23 September 16:45, Millenium Stadium(24 September 1:45 AEST)

    how gnarly is this shot! the 2 people you really don't want above you in that situation
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    Quade telling it how it is

    he went from being a good player but a shit bloke, to a good bloke but a shit player.... i preferred QC (Quade Cooper) version 1.0
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    Reds 2016

    Mason's younger and more inexperienced than both, so in short no. but definitely a viable option for 2-4 years down the track
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    NRC Rnd 6: NSW Country v QLD Country

    Is Greene injured?
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    Reds 2016

    Think he meant 2012, as in the fly half department.... that being said how good would it be to have Harris or Lucas right about now
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    Reds positivity thread

    JO'C could always play 12 again. I always like him there.
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    NRC Rnd 3: Brisbane City vs Queensland Country

    Or vice versa. Greene seems to play at 15 a lot in defence, and his kicking game would make him very dangerous at the back. Could be a little short though. Interestingly, i think their games would complement each other quite nicely
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    NRC Rnd 3: Brisbane City vs Queensland Country

    junior laloifi.... very good, seems like a player who steps it up for the big occasions.
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    NRC Rnd 3: Brisbane City vs Queensland Country

    just watching the replay now Forwards: Saia Fainga'a .... how many line outs do you want to lose? Ready all over him, and playing well. Cornelson having a good game as well, he's a skinny dude but seems like a very smart player. Higgers seems quiet except at line out time. Perese having another...
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    Brisbane City - NRC Team Official Thread

    How has gibbon performed?
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    Reds positivity thread

    one thing i really like about Greene is his support play, and his ability to score points. He's fast off the blocks and for a fly half he manages to score a lot of tries. I'm assuming that we was top point scorer for prem grade this year? A player that can clear effectively and slot 3's from...
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    NRC Rnd 2: Stars v QLD Country

    In respects to the backs, there was a fair bit of headless chook syndrome happening from QLD country. At times it was very frustrating to watch. lots of pushed passes and flick plays that didn't need to happen. I though both Tuttle and Duncan had a mixed game. Both had some very good moments...